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  • A group of Elementor Pro users have found that we cannot add title text to our images, eg.

    <img src="images/dinosaur.jpg" alt="The head and torso of a dinosaur skeleton; it has a large head with long sharp teeth" title="A T-Rex on display in the Manchester University Museum" />

    For SEO purposes this is an important “feature”. Can we expect to see this in the next release?

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by spandipants.
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  • I have been building a new version of my site with Elementor for 2 months. I cannot however seem to get the “image widget” to put in the “hover over text”, or image title text into the html. Alt text yes, but when I inspect, the title attribute is not even there in the html. You can add it manually when you “edit” a photo that has been inserted in a “text widget”. This needed for SEO and is pretty basic stuff folks.

    The page I need help with:

    Note the first two images are done with the image widget, as would be common. The data filled in with every photo in media library.

    Note the images below the first two are done with the text widget. Here they work the setting it up is manual, not very ideal.

    Please don’t mark this resolved until it is.

    Here’s a work around that just worked for me. I couldnt get Yoast to pick up the alt tags from images in elementor. I went out of elementor into the standard wordpress editor . I added the alt tags there and then went back into elementor and they now show. I’ve only tried it on one image but worked. Hope this helps someone.

    Hi @rainspider12. Just a clarification, the issue is related to the “title” attribute, not the “alt” attribute. As you point out, no problem getting the “alt” attribute included in the HTML image tag.

    Hi @bphillip2 , I have the same problem and opened this topic
    I had a look on your sample and there is no text on hover. How have you done this?
    On my page,, it shows the page title on hover. This is worse than showing nothing.

    By using the plugin Restore Image Title and the Text Widget it works. But the Elementor Image Widget deletes the title tag. For SEO it is really important. No comment from the elementor crew?

    The only reasoning for why Elementor doesn’t allow users to add or edit alt and title tags for images I could find is that apparently these fields were too confusing for some of their users. I suppose they’d rather hurt the SEO of all of their users than make a few people have to Google what an alt or title tag are.
    It’s a shame because I was recently thinking of redoing all major pages on my site with Elementor, but now I’m not sure it’s really worth it.

    I found this information here:

    Hi everyone,

    I had the same problem to add alt title (tooltip) on images or alt text. I had conflict with the wordpress editor.

    So the way i found with elementor is :
    – you need to add an image with the text element (text editor) and not with the image element in your section.
    – text editor>add a media
    – clicking on the added image you now have the “edit button” where you can insert your alt text and alt title

    I have to say I have posted this in a separate topic in support and looked over anything in this support forum and there is ZERO response from Elementor which is VERY CONCERNING! This issue has a one year time with no responses from Elementor. At least they can give the courtesy let us look into it …

    No way I buy the expanded version at this point this is NEEDED and BASIC stuff for SEO and a page builder … they have had years to go – Hey we are handling images wrong lets do something about it.

    When you set the title, caption, alt and description fields in the WordPress media dialog, Elementor only renders the “alt” attribute on the front end img tag.

    Additionally there is a drop down option to enable the caption defined in the WordPress media library or you can provide a custom caption via Elementor.

    I agree the title tag should be added to the free version. One can add any number of custom attributes via Elementor Pro’s custom attribute feature on the advanced tab ( I use this all the time to add title tags or other tags needed for other functions, however the tags are applied to the div wrapper and not the actual img tag.

    I think, the only way to solve this may be to give a onestar rating to the plugin. I made this five months ago and after four months I got at least a request from @lisaelementor if the problem is solved. So, if you face this problem too, rate it “*” and if there are enough people to do so, hopefully there may be finally a reaction from the developers.
    The solutions is already described in the bottom of this thread, but must be implemented from Elementor, otherwise you must insert it again with every update.

    You might want to read this –

    *This is a WordPress issue, not Elementor. The image render uses WordPress wp_get_attachment_image which does not include a title tag. You can use a plugin or custom code to add the functionality to WordPress and then all Elementor images will have that capability.

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