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  • For some reason I can’t add threads to my favorites here on the support forum…?! I press add to favorites, it takes me to the page but it never adds any of the

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  • Yep, it’s another “it’s broke and we don’t know when it won’t be broke” situation….

    Sorry…. there IS no help.

    I hate to bump this, but this problem persisits and in many forms, I fear.

    Not only can you not add threads to favorites (does anybody else have this problem?) but when you do a search (anywhere on the site) nothing comes up – even for normal keywords like WordPress or Tags or Comments or Post.

    Furthermore, when I click on a tag, up at the top of the support forum and I want to navigate to a second or third page of the threads with that tag nothing appears on the next pages?

    Am I the only one with these problems? I’ve tried this on multiple browsers/machines but it still does not work.

    No. All broke. Ain’t it grand? Note the top sticky post on the main support page (hint: pink) for some tips on how to easily search here with other means.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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