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    Hi I recently spent about a week trying to work out why i couldn’t add posts/pages etc… to my wordpress site. Every time i tred to do so it said i did not have permission even though i was logged in as admin. At first i thought it was because i had just upgraded to the latest version of wordpress. Looking on this support forum i then followed the advice which was to remove all plugins and try reactivating them and switch to 2010 theme. However, this didn’t help, in fact then i got more errors as jetpack couldn’t connect to wordpress ‘secret keys missing’. After a lot of AHHHHH! I thought maybe i should rebuild the website from scratch.

    This is when i worked out what was wrong! When logging onto the control panel where my domain was hosted, and clicking on phpmyadmin to make a backup of my database, i noticed that my database size was quite large. I then called up my host and asked if and what my limit was on my database. This was as i thought, smaller than my current database size. I then upped my database limit and waited a day for this to take effect and hey presto everything is working again.

    So before you spend hours and days trying to work out what’s wrong check your database limit.

    I’ve just put this up because i couldn’t find anyone else who had this solution and thought it might help someone!


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