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    Hi Foad,

    I’ve just started using this helpful plugin and love your plugin very much!
    But I have encountered 2 separate problems as below:

    1.) I cannot add my own bot following the instruction in the plugin.
    When I press the button to send text message to my own bot for getting chat ID, there is error prompt in the browser saying “Not authorised”.

    2.) Even I added @teleficationbot into my group and set it as “Admin”. It could not send notification to the group of multiple members.

    Could you please provide guidance on how to fix it?
    Many thx!


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  • Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi


    Thank you for choosing Telefication.

    In problem #1, if you get “Unauthorized” alert, it means the token is not valid. please recheck the token.

    bot token is like this:

    In problem #2 you should insert “Group Chat_ID”, for now, the only way you get your group chat_id is adding Telefication Bot to your group (just for getting the id) and send command /getid. Group id has a minus-sign, and you should insert that too.
    after that, you can remove Telefication Bot and use your own bot.

    let me know the result.


    Hi Foad,

    Thanks for yr quick response!

    1.) I have double checked the token and 100% sure it is entered correctly.

    Not sure what is the reason behind why there is still showing “Unauthorized” alert?

    I am running the wordpress on Google Cloud Platform, is there something blocked by Google?

    2.) I followed the normal procedure to add Telefication Bot to my group and tried send command /getid or /getid@teleficationbot.
    But it is strange that it returns “Command not found!”.

    Could you advise what is correct way to check for “Group Chat_ID”?

    Thx a lot!

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by shindolo.
    Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi




    for just test, your token is working or not, send a message to telegram directly by its own API like this:<bot-token>/sendMessage?chat_id=<chat_id>&text=Hi

    replace <bot-token> with token and <chat_id> with your chat_id, and hit it in the browser. you should receive the message “Hi”.

    if you don’t receive it, you should revoke your token by BotFather.


    after adding Telefication to the group, send /getid. you can add space at the end to just send it.

    I’m trying to make a video for adding Teleficationn to group

    Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi


    Hi @shindolo,
    please watch this playlist on youtube:

    Hi Foad,

    I follow the steps and it works! Thanks a lot!

    Just curious to ask if it is a must to add Telefication bot to group as the only way to get group Chat ID (by send comment /getid) and after that remove the bot?

    How do it knows if I am using my own bot or using the Telefication bot?

    Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi


    I’m happy to hear that.

    /getid is a Telefication command, that runs in the Telefication server to get user’s chat_id. chat_id is a unique id number for every user or group in the Telegram, and it is constant until you delete your account or group on the Telegram.

    In Telefication plugin side, if you set the bot token, Notifications will be sent through your bot, else, they’ll be sent through Telefication bot.

    After getting group-id from Telefication bot in your group, you can delete it, but you should add your bot and set its token in the plugin. 🙂

    Feel free to leave a review of the plugin (and support) here! 😉

    have a nice day,

    Just wonder if it is possible to host the telefication bot in my own server?
    If yes, could you provide some guidance on how to do it?
    Thx a lot~

    Plugin Author Foad Tahmasebi


    @shaindolo, unfortunately, it’s not possible for now. 🙏

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