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  • I can no longer add images to new pages at my site

    when I try to (in exaclty the same way as I previously did it) only the title of the image appears(and this has a link to another page with a huge image)

    Cant understand why this has suddenly changed…

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  • Can you link directly to a page that demonstrates this?

    If you mean this link, “”, it doesn’t show up because it is a PDF, not an image.

    I have the same issues and have tried some of the fixes but not no avail. It happened after updating to the newest version. I can upload an image and all that but can not get a way to get the image to insert/embed into the post

    @dropshiponebay, at this point in the game it looks like the OP, Karenxxx, posted a PDF as if it were an image. PDF’s are not images and do not behave like images. Unless that is your problem exactly, please start a new topic.

    Thanks a lot. That was exactly the problem. I was dragging the image from my desk top and thought it was a normal image like the others. Thanks s_ha_dum!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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