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  • Oscar van Dillen


    dear don,

    something happened today which i need to report:
    it seems i suddenly cannot add more 301 (quick) redirects, not even a single one.

    first it seems i can. newly added redirects are apparently saved upon saving. the page goes to the top, and at the bottom i can see the new 301 redirects, these do not work however. after leaving the quick redirect page, upon returning they are suddenly gone!?
    fyi: i counted those i do have, and these are exactly 125.
    also fyi: i did reset the cache as well, but this makes no difference.
    afaik there are no double nor conflicting 301’s but i do use case-sensitivity on, use with jquery off (cannot even turn it on anymore), finally i set use with custom post types on but this makes no difference.

    my configuration can be found at

    is there some limitation imposed upon me here?
    according to the plugins faq this is not the case.
    how to solve it without adding php (which i am not familiar with)…

    thanks in advance for your feedback!
    very best greetings,

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  • Oscar van Dillen


    as this problem still persists (no matter how i configure the plugin), may i ask again if anyone can look into this please?
    thank you in advance!
    very best,

    I will look into this. On my tests systems, I have added thousands of redirects for testing the limits of the plugin. I can still add new ones (even after there are 6000+ redirects).
    It is possible there is a memory cap in place so it can’t process anymore redirects because it hits the limit – as well, it could be a post data size limit. At one point, I did need to modify the memory limits on that test install because it would just stop in the middle of processing them.

    I will see what I can find out.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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