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    WooCommerce Version:	2.0.20
    WooCommerce Datenbank-Version:	2.0.20
    WordPress Version:	WP 3.8.1
    Webserver Information:	Apache
    PHP Version:	5.4.25
    MySQL Version:	5.1.73-log
    WordPress PHP-Memory Limit:	40 MB
    WordPress Debug-Modus:	Nein
    WordPress max. Hochladen-Größe:	8 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:	8 MB
    PHP Zeitlimit:	50000
    WooCommerce-Protokoll:	Protokollverzeichnis ist beschreibbar.
    Standardzeitzone:	Standardzeitzone ist UTC
    <code>fsockopen</code> / <code>cURL</code>:	 Ihr Webserver hat fsockopen und cURL aktiviert.
    SOAP Client:	 Ihr Webserver hat die SOAP Client Klasse aktiviert.
    WP Remote Post:	 wp_remote_post() war erfolgreich - PayPal IPN funktioniert.
    Installierte Plugins:	AB Shortcodes von Abdev Version 1.0.1,
    Adminimize von Frank Bültge Version 1.8.4,
    Contact Form 7 von Takayuki Miyoshi Version 3.7,
    Shopen Recent Works Slider von Filiz OZER Version 1.0,
    Easy Table von Takien Version 1.4,
    MailPoet WooCommerce Add-on von Sebs Studio Version 1.0.2,
    Responsive Mobile-Friendly Tooltip von ItayXD Version 1.5.2,
    Simple Lightbox von Archetyped Version 2.2.0,
    WooCommerce Add Custom Quantity to Cart von Rene Puchinger Version 1.0.1,
    WooCommerce Checkout Manager von Ephrain Marchan Version 3.5.81,
    WooCommerce Deutsch (de_DE) von David Decker - Version 3.0.20,
    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing von Lucas Stark Version 2.4.0 – 2.5.3 ist verfügbar,
    WooCommerce Menu Cart von Jeremiah Prummer, Ewout Fernhout Version 2.0.1,
    WooCommerce von WooThemes Inc. (Südafrika) Version 2.0.20,
    WooThemes Helper von WooThemes Version 1.2.2,
    WordPress Backup to Dropbox von Michael De Wildt Version 1.8.1,
    WordPress SEO von Joost de Valk Version 1.4.24,
    WP-Piwik von André Bräkling Version,
    Wysija Newsletter von Wysija Version
    SSL erzwingen:	Nein
    WooCommerce Seiten
    Shop-Basis:	#4 - /shop/
    Warenkorb:	#5 - /warenkorb/
    Bezahlvorgang (Zur Kasse):	#6 - /kasse/
    Bezahlen:	#13 - /kasse/bezahlen/
    Danke:	#14 - /kasse/auftrag-eingegangen/
    Mein Benutzerkonto:	#7 - /mein-konto/
    Anschrift bearbeiten:	#9 - /mein-konto/adresse-bearbeiten/
    Bestellung anzeigen:	#10 - /mein-konto/bestellung-ansehen/
    Passwort ändern:	#11 - /mein-konto/passwort-aendern/
    Passwort verloren:	#8 - /mein-konto/lost-password/
    WooCommerce Taxonomien
    Bestellstatus:	cancelled (cancelled), completed (completed), failed (failed), on-hold (on-hold), pending (pending), processing (processing), refunded (refunded)
    Produkttypen:	external (external), grouped (grouped), simple (simple), variable (variable)
    Name des Themes:	Shopen
    Theme-Version:	1.2
    Template-Überschreibungen (Overrides):	/woocommerce/archive-product.php,

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  • Plugin Author Sebastien Dumont


    @jessor Are you having problems enabling the checkbox field to show on the checkout page, is that what you are saying in the title ?

    What I meant was this this.

    But right after doing this I saw the “Newsletter tab”. Selected a list and now it works. Thanks, though! 🙂

    Plugin Author Sebastien Dumont


    Are you saying it only allows you to enable the checkbox field on the checkout page after you have selected a Newsletter ?

    Does it now allow you to save the admin settings ?

    Yes. I tick the checkbox and press save, the page reloads and the checkbox is unchecked.

    Plugin Author Sebastien Dumont


    I will check it out and release an update asap.

    Please be patient and keep following this support ticket for updates.

    I can confirm the check box not saving.

    When i click Newsletter, i get :

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    But i am logged in as Admin

    Thanks for your support.

    Plugin Author Sebastien Dumont


    @densze I am currently working on an update.

    I have not been given the permission message when I re-create the situation everyone is currently having on WooCommerce 2.1 and up.

    Hi, I am having same issues as Densze. I have checked follow-up posts on this post to keep up-to-date.

    Sebastian, do you need any further information or site access to help resolve?

    @densze, @ann98 I’m having the exact same issue – I click on “Enable subscribe on checkout” but when I save the tick disappears. Also the same permissions message when I click on Newsletters.

    @niallolaoghaire: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    This topic has been resolved.


    Yes, i have woocommerce Version 2.1.2 and WPML

    Thanks esmi, but I’m a bit confused? The issue clearly hasn’t been resolved yet. So how can it be marked resolved? A note of intention by the plugin author? Not trying to be a hassle, I’d just like to understand.

    @niallolaoghaire: These forums have guidelines. Please read them.

    As you will see, one of these guidelines – entitled Where to Post – specifically states:

    Unless you are using the same version of WordPress on the same physical server hosted by the same hosts with the same plugins, theme & configurations as the original poster, do not post in someone else’s thread. Start your own topic.

    Please abide by this.

    Plugin Author Sebastien Dumont


    Hi, plugin author here.

    Please be a little more patent as I am still testing and debugging the latest update.

    Until I have released the next update, I rather keep this topic left unresolved so I know what topics have been dealt with.

    In my opinion, really only the plugin author should have control of the option to change if the topic has been resolved or not.

    Thank you for all your comments.

    Having the same issues, check box not saving and permission message for newsletter settings

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