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  • Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Hi, ItzBlitz!
    Sorry for the problem. Really, the problem is about new version of PHP, i’ll make a new version soon, now you can edit len-slider/lib/lenslider.class.php:386-397: (remove all ampersands &)

    public function lenslider_replace_att_url($att_id) {
            if($att_id) {
                $retObj            = new stdClass;
                $retObj->absAttUrl = str_ireplace(self::$siteurl."/", ABSPATH, wp_get_attachment_url($att_id));
                $retObj->httpPath  = str_ireplace(ABSPATH, '/', $retObj->absAttUrl);
                $size_array        = @getimagesize($retObj->absAttUrl);
                $retObj->size      = $this->lenslider_size_str($size_array[0], $size_array[1]);
                $retObj->mime      = $size_array['mime'];
                return $retObj;
            return false;

    but i dont guarantee about plugin will works well, ok, i’ll make a fix soon. Sorry again..

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    LenSlider 1.1 available, hope the one works with PHP 5.4+ well =)

    Hi Igor!

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english.
    I reading all posts now, but I can’t resolve my problem.

    I really like the LenSlider. I put the PHP code on my template but nothing change on my website. I have LenSlider v1.1.2

    The code:


    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <?php if ( 'on' == et_get_option('lucid_featured', 'on') && is_home() ) get_template_part( 'includes/featured', 'home' ); ?>
    <?php if( class_exists( 'LenSlider' ) ) {LenSlider::lenslider_output_slider('9256f51f08');}?>
    	$recent_sidebars = array('recent-area-1','recent-area-2','recent-area-3');
    	if ( is_active_sidebar( $recent_sidebars[0] ) || is_active_sidebar( $recent_sidebars[1] ) || is_active_sidebar( $recent_sidebars[2] ) ) {
    		echo '<div id="recent-categories" class="clearfix">';
    		foreach ( $recent_sidebars as $key => $recent_sidebar ){
    			if ( is_active_sidebar( $recent_sidebar ) ) {
    				echo '<div class="recent-category' . (  2 == $key ? ' last' : '' ) . '">';
    				dynamic_sidebar( $recent_sidebar );
    				echo '</div> <!-- end .recent-category -->';

    Can you help me?

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Hi, carboneri! I’ll try to hepl You.
    Is Your slider 9256f51f08 enabled in LenSlider admin?
    Do You know your version of PHP?

    Thanks, a lot.

    Yeah, my slider is enabled, but I can’t see when I put “Preview”.

    My version oh PHP is 5.2.17 (my host). Any solution?

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    LenSlider version is 1.1.3 ? Please update to the 1.1.3, some fixes there

    Thank you very much! Congratulations for so nice slider, from Montevideo.

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    thanks from Russia)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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