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cannot access zone file in DNS manager (2 posts)

  1. eatthegood
    Posted 2 years ago #

    some time ago i signed up for a free wordpress site, eatthegood.wordpress.com and realized i wanted full control so i purchased the domain name, eatthegood.com from wordpress and bought hosting from godaddy. i could not get into my admin panel, http://www.eatthegood.com/wp-admin for ages to start custom work on themes and such and couldnt figure out the issue until godaddy gave me a custom IP address to update my A records in my wordpress.com DNS manager under "domains" in the "store" section. i did this and i finally was able to login to eatthegood.com/wp-admin.
    then i installed this plugin into my site through uploading it to my wordpress plugin folder in my godaddy file manager: http://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/plugnedit
    it seemed to have killed my site and now i can no longer access my SELF hosted wordpress site. every time i type into a browser eatthegood.com/wp-admin, it reroutes to this:

    when i enter my login info, it sends me to wordpress.COM and i no longer have access to the features one has when they self host. just the regular free wordpress.
    i contacted godaddy and they gave me the same answer as before, update my A records to an IP address they sent me... which makes no sense. i already did that. so, i wanted to see what was going on. i logged in to that rerouted link anyways and went to store > my domains > make changes to my DNS > my domains and again went to the DNS manager. in my "standard DNS dashboard" i clicked on "edit zone" under eatthegood.com so i could check the A record. my zone file editor came up darkened in the background with a popup that came up which says "zone file not available" and "The zone file for this domain cannot be managed within DNS Manager. Click OK to return to the dashboard."

    something happened where i cannot manage my zone file. i honestly have no idea what i am doing, i just want to fix my site. i have tried the wordpress.org forums as well and they redirect me here, then i try here and i get redirected there and no one can figure it out. i have asked web and wordpress-savvy people for help and no one can figure it out either, just told me to change the name of my plugins folder in my file manager. which did not help. what is screwed up with my DNS manager?

    here is what i get. please go to the link to see my screenshot of what happens in my DNS manager.

  2. Mark Senff
    Posted 2 years ago #

    It seems your domain name EatTheGood.com is still pointing to http://eatthegood.wordpress.com and you'll need to change the nameserver so that it will point to GoDaddy (this should be done on WordPress.com and not on GoDaddy).

    Log in to http://eatthegood.wordpress.com/wp-admin and follow the instructions on this page: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/change-name-servers/

    Hope that helps!

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