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  1. dakiddddd
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    I have literally sat behind this computer for over 16 hours trying to fix this problem. I got access to a client's wp-admin (credentials provided by him of course). I went in and browsed around to prepare content for it. I created one page called construction to indicate the site is under construction and well i think I replaced and made it the main page (not sure if this is where my problem is generating). I then went to privacy setting and changed the setting so the search engines do not find it (no-index/no-follow). It then gave me a warning about making it visible to all users or to the public I can't quite remember. A custom theme was created for the site. I then logged out. Came back the next day and I can't even get to the admin or login area. I get a 404 page not found. I've done everything I can find here, changed file permissions,tried deleting plugin folder,theme renaming/replacing followed the admin troubleshoot steps,htccess stuff and still nothing. I think I actually made it worse. At first it started giving me a 404 error every time i used the URI, and now I get a broken link as if the page does not exist. I have access to his ftp (but not the hosts papa account).

    When i use http://www.allgents.com/wp-login.php?, i get to the login page, when i sign in it takes me http://allgents.com/construction/wp-login.php, which is apparently a broken link

    When i use allgents.com/wp-admin I get this http://allgents.com/construction/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fallgents.com%2Fwp-admin%2F&reauth=1 (which equates to a so called broken link)

    I've tried all the possible login combinations, http://www.allgents.com/wp-admin is the actual login. It does not work. I don't understand. All i want is to get to the admin. Someone please please help.

    My inclination is that this is happening because i added the new page called construction and made it the main page. I don't know what is going on and I have no way of finding and deleting this page and resetting it back to where it was.

    What I'm asking is
    1) Is it possible to reset or do a clean install with just the ftp credentials I have without using Godaddy and then putting back the theme that was custom made for the site?
    2)Is there a way to get to the admin account or to fix the site without a re-install? Please keep in mind, there is a custom theme set up for the site and all the files are in place.
    3)Any suggestions? I'm dying over here.

    Anyone of the above that are answered may help me.

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