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    Yesterday I transferred my WordPress site to IX Web Hosting under a “dummy account” to determine if there would be any issues with transfer of content.

    Aside from a plethora of cosmetic issues, I noted that many plugins had been lost. I started adding plugins one by one, and after adding the e-commerce plugin, the dashboard became completely unaccessible. The dashboard being COMPLETELY unacessible means I cannot remove or undo anything related to the most recently installed plugin.

    I’m using the most recent (as of last week) version of Firefox (Win 7), have cleared the cache several times, have restarted the computer several time, switched to the most recent version of IE9 (as of last week), and have repeated the same operations using IE9. Furthermore, I have accessed the site via another computer, and still encounter the same problem.

    Aditionally, I’ve noticed that every non-static page is also inacessible, hence I cannot access my blog site either. Since I cannot access the dashboard, or the plugins or the css or anything of any importance needed to solve this problem, does anyone here with experience have suggestions on how to approach the issue.

    Many thanks in advance. I have researched the related issues in the forum, however am unable to find one that solves the issue.


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  • johnsmith


    IX Web Hosting is the best. They’re getting a whopping $50 from me to host my site for ONE YEAR, and they invested over two hours of time to solve my problem.

    THE SOLUTION: “I was able to fix your dashboard. It looks like the reason for the issue was that your memory limit was set too low. Ecommerce plugins are notorious for using up too much php memory. What I did in order to increase this limit was create a php.ini file and raise the memory limit to 64M.”

    Thanks IX!!!




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