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  • I just upgraded to v 2.7.1, but each time i login I get an empty white screen.

    I am using Start Logic as my host and have read that there have been some problems in the past.

    Any suggestions on how to get past this?

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    etdsbastar: Dude, are you spamming us with your site?

    Alex: As you’ve read, there are many triggers for the condition you describe… Often, it is an ‘out of memory’ condition on your server (not enough RAM). You should have you host check the server to see if it is thrashing and/or add php.ini entries that will bump up the MEM available to processes…they (the host) know what I’m talking about…

    They will tell you to disable all plugins. To ‘do this’ without loggin in: rename the plugins folder to something else e.g. xplugins so that WP thinks it is missing. This will free up memory for WP to run…

    I am sorry musnake. I just dont want to spam here. If anything wrong happened I am really sorry for that.

    will you please tell me clearly.

    etdsbastar: Including a link to your site trying to get people to register on your forums for help (based on your recent posts!) is not IMHO cool guy. You may notice that some people can add a URL to their site in their profile which makes their username clickable -while others can not…you have to prove you can behave on these forums before they let you add links…

    @etdsbastar: as musnake has pointed out your links are considered spam here. Please feel free to participate and enjoy the sharing of knowledge without inserting links to your site in every thread.

    Thank you.

    @Alexb11 – sorry your thread got somewhat hijacked.

    Help! Tried re-installing wordpress again and now i can even see my site, I get the default “just another wordpress blog/ Hello world” page. Any idea how i can salvage my content? it’s still all on my server, just can’t get at it in the admin

    If you are having the backup of your wordpress database, then restore it using phpadmin.

    what is phpadmin? you mean my admin.php file? If so what do i do to restore?

    ok thereis one more way. If you have database backup then you can also restore it through mysql.

    phpMyAdmin is a program provided by your host to access your database. If you don’t have a backup or your ‘original data’ is gone, then you might ask your host if they have a backup of your database they can restore.

    WordPress Backups

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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