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  • I have an install that has been working fine for months and as of today cannot access the admin due to out of memory at 8M.

    I am hosting on 1and1. They set php memory limits based upon your plan. My plan allows for 80MB. I have php.ini set with memory_limit=80M and wp-config.php set with define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’80M’ ); so that everything is in agreement. Phpinfo confirms the setting. I cannot get WP to confirm its setting because it keeps crashing. The error is a php message, so I am assuming that the source is the OS/php and not WP.

    If I rename both my plugins and themes folders I can access the admin interface, but it is really not useful. Even then if I try to look at the list of posts or do anything beyond sitting in the plain interface, it will throw out of memory errors.

    This is something that has been running fine for months. I am wondering if the host has decided to lower my account’s memory limits due to server load or some other issue. I have asked them and are waiting for a reply.

    Does anybody else have any troubleshooting suggestions?

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  • I noticed the same problem with my WP site on a 1and1 server. Couldn’t access admin and a couple plugins weren’t working. I haven’t touched anything in months.

    I logged into 1and1 and changed the “Global PHP Version” from phpdev to php5 and that seemed to solve it for me. I have no idea why but it worked. Hopefully you got it taken care of.

    I ended up leaving 1and1 over this issue.

    Support’s official answer is that each plan level has a fixed memory limit and to check the standard settings despite the fact that 1and1 mostly ignores them. My plan’s limit was 80MB, however support did not even acknowledge that there could be an issue when an account is bombing at 1/10th its limit.

    To completely take WP out of the equation I made a two line PHP test script for testing. The script assigns a bunch of characters to a variable and then reports the scripts’s memory usage. I adjusted the amount of characters in the variable to increase memory until it failed.

    The account with trouble was failing at 8MB. I ran the script several times through out the day and it went as high as 11MB, but then went down to 8MB. I have a second 1and1 account with the same hosting plan. I ran the script on the second account and it worked fine up to 28MB.

    I ran the same script via the shell using the php5 binary and was able to successfully run up to my account’s 80MB limit. If I then ran through the browser, it bombed at 8MB.

    This allowed me to confirm:

    1. This has nothing to do with WP. If you are having this issue, don’t go breaking a working WP install unless you changed or added something that would increase your memory demands.

    2. The limit is different between accounts of the same plan and also different during different runs in the same account. Best guess is that they are doing this for resource mgmt reasons. The real problem is that they tell you exactly the opposite and claim it is a problem with your software.

    3. The limit is coming from the web server module and not the core PHP install. The php command line binary in the shell does properly follow the standard php settings.

    There are many, many stories around the internet about 1and1 customers chasing phantom php memory issues that they just cannot pin down. I believe that this dynamic memory limit issue is the cause.

    After spending the better part of a day testing and troubleshooting, I again contacted 1and1 support to tell them what I found and to ask if their memory limits were dynamic.

    Their answer to my test results and site being down for days? … an FAQ about how to uninstall WP plugins.

    The complete and utter lack of support is the reason why I decide to leave 1and1. They did not even bother to look at my account, read my emails, or put forth any effort to resolve the problem. I hope that no non-tech business users that rely on the service for their income hits this problem.

    I setup a Dreamhost account, copied the files and DB, and was running at 100% in under 30 minutes.

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