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    I had a running site-but decided I wanted to change the look and uploaded a new theme-now I am getting an error message-

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function home_url() in /home6/bodystru/public_html/wp-content/themes/freshnews/includes/theme-options.php on line 83

    I am not a computer whiz by any means and at this point would just love to revert back to the old site-

    does anyone have any suggestions in laymans terms-cause FTP and other things I am reading only confuse my small mind at this point.


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  • oh site is

    it still works but doesn’t look like it did before its the new theme that crashed

    Can you get into the back end? wp-admin
    Can you put it back to the previous theme?
    Where are you getting the errors? When I go to the site, I am not getting errors.

    I didn’t understand your last statement:

    it still works but doesn’t look like it did before its the new theme that crashed

    yes the site works-but when I try to login in to admin area-so that I can fix the new theme that was uploaded I get the error message-so I am unable to do any new posts-see the dashboard anything

    I hate it when this happens. (I’ve had this type of thing happen more than once. As a matter of fact, just today I had a similar problem after making some changes. It’s not fun.

    Just a side note before we go further, always remember to backup your database before doing upgrades.

    Ok. There are a few things that we can do. My first step would probably be to use FTP to re-load the new template by hand, just to make sure it didn’t have a problem when it was loaded automatically.

    If that didn’t work, I would then use SQL to resent the template and style, but if FTP gives you a headache, SQL will give you a migraine.

    Contact me at I’ll see if I can help you get out of the bind.

    Okay so FTP adn SQL are things I have no idea what they mean-my WP is hosted through Bluehost and I see FTP there but not sure where to start-tried messing with some things and now my website is gone-error message even when putting the web address in-UGH

    any help would be appreicated-i put in the address you provided to contact you and I got an error-error is theme of the night

    my e-mail is
    [email removed]

    Sorry about the wrong address, use this:

    I’ll contact you via email.

    For anyone else reading this issue.

    In order to resolve this problem, you need to have access to the file structure through ftp or through a cpanel (control panel). Steps:

    I first loaded a script that I have written to zip all of the files and backup the data. I executed the script to create the zip backup.

    Next, I copied the current wp-config.php and her .htaccess files offline to my working machine (as a backup to restore later)

    Then I took a default installation of wordpress and loaded the files. (Actually, I loaded the zip file and then unzipped it on the server and moved the wordpress directory into the root wordpress directory, thus over-writing existing wordpress files. It does not touch any additional themes or other files which are not part of the original install. )

    Then I re-copied her wp-config.php and .htaccess files back into her root wordpress directory.

    Then she tested to make sure she could re-login and work. Yep. Everything working again.

    Then I deleted the zip backup and the zipped wordpress installation that I put on the server.

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    You possibly just needed to switch to the Twenty Ten theme by renaming the current theme’s folder in wp-content/themes using FTP then try logging in once to twice to kick in the Twenty Ten theme activation.

    esmi, I’ll keep that in mind. I tend to reload defaults first, maybe unnecessarily.

    esmi, your solution just saved me when I got this same fatal error! thank you!!

    I migrated my blog ( to 3.3 last week and all seemed well.

    Now I cannot get access to the admin area or dash board.
    Everytime I try I get the following message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_rtl() in /home/jghethe/public_html/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2102

    How do I resolve this?

    Thanks in advance…

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