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  • Try this:

    That might let you back in so you can take a look around.

    It looks like a number of us are having problems with the newest update. I hope they get this fixed today!

    Thank you, but it doesn’t work. When we click on the Nav / Menu nothing happens. It just reloads the same page. There aren’t any admin options other than the very top menu. Any other suggestions how to fix? Thank you! JULIE

    Hi, we just upgraded and now our admin is gone…
    …Any other suggestions how to fix

    If this were my site, I think the first thing I would do is attempt to ensure a complete update by performing a manual upgrade.

    After that, clear your browser cache, revisit the site, and see if the results have changed. If not, use your ftp client to temporarily rename your plugins directory and deactivate all the plugins, then temporarily rename your active theme directory to let WordPress fall back on the default twentyeleven theme, and see if that yields any different result.

    Just suggestions, mind you. As always, make sure you have complete backups.

    Upgrade to new version of WP has made the dash board and all editing capabilities in accessable. The upgrade will not allow log in and the log in shows this in the html address /wp-admin/upgrade.php?_wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2F
    This upgrade is not an upgrade at all but a down grade that makes it impossible to work on the site. How do you uninstall the “new” version 3.4.1? How do you fix this problem so the site is able to be edited again? How can changes or uninstalls be accomplished if there is no way to access the dashboard????

    We are new to WordPress Support Forum: How long does it usually take for an expert to post how to fix this issue? Can anyone help? JULIE

    I got an answer the next day but the last question I posted was posted during the week not on the weekend. I cannot access the site I updated to WP 3.4.1 and will not be updating any of the other sites I am working on anytime soon! My web site hosting company said they were at a loss also and refered me here for help since it appears more than one person has become the guinea pig for the update.

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    Have you done as ClaytonJames suggested above?
    1.)Manual upgrade
    2.)If that does not help, rename your plugins folder, xplugins and rename your current theme folder. That will force wp to load with no plugins and the default theme. That will help establish if it is a theme or a plugin that is incompatible with 3.4.1

    Julie – Did you get your probem solved? If so, how? I’m having the same issue, I think.

    Hi! yay, it’s fixed! Not sure how but here is what we did. We rolled back the install to the previous version and then re-installed it. We are glad it’s fixed – what a time consuming ordeal….not sure if we want to upgrade our others sites or not…..wishing y’all good luck with yours, JULIE
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    I had the same problem for 24 hours. I upgraded it from the cpanel (not WP dashboard) and everything is just fine now.

    Maybe, it was a problem with latest version of WP, which is now fixed…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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