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  • Apparently an old issue: However that issue is locked to new comments, so creating a new one.

    Use case:
    User clicks on edit, makes some changes and then decides they want to abort/revert for some reason.
    There isn’t an easy (or obvious) way to do this.

    Behaviour today:
    No cancel/abort button, so if a user wants to abort easiest thing is to just navigate away from the page.
    If the user navigates away from the page, they get a popup (“are you sure you want to leave? <leave> <stay>”
    If the user opts to leave, then when coming back to the page they are presented a notification that there is an autosave revision that is newer than the current revision. There isn’t an obvious way to drop/delete that autosave.
    I guess the only way to do a “clean” cancel after making edits today is to hit the “undo” button repeatedly until you are back at your starting revision and then hit the “update” button. This is cumbersome and also creates unnecessary and confusing revisions of a piece of content. Would be happy to learn of a better way to abort if anyone wants to share.

    This doesn’t factor in effect of multi-user editing/locking which I am not as experienced in the current behaviour of locking.

    Ideas for improvement:
    – Add a cancel/abort/revert button that takes the user away from the page and discards any edits/autosaves (after a confirmation popup of course).
    – Don’t start “editing” mode until actual edits are made…this means a user that clicks edit and doesn’t make any changes and then navigates away is not faced with autosave drafts or “are you sure you want to leave this page” popups. This should also apply for locking for multi-user editing case (ie don’t lock unless someone actually starts making changes).
    – If there is an auto-save draft of a page, in addition to the resume editing option, provide a discard option.
    – It would also be nice to optionally be able to name/label a revision so major revisions/states can be more easily located in a long revision history. Not sure how many users religiously use preview before clicking “update” and I would guess that in many cases there are multiple revisions with little incremental changes from a single editing session. Not sure the storage/DB consequences of so many potentially meaningless revisions as I don’t know exactly how they are stored.

    Anyway, just some observations. I’m sure there are reasons why things are the way they are. 🙂


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    • This topic was modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago by  mattpr.
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  • The entire editor screen is being replaced in 5.0. I don’t know if it addresses these specific issues, but they’re probably not going to be addressed in the existing editor. You can follow development, test and provide feedback for the new editor here:

    Hey Jacob, thanks for pointing me in that direction. New to WP and so missing a fair bit of context and detail about everything going on in the community. Looks like gutenberg may also solve some of my other pain points that I was planning to write custom plugins to address. So that’s great. Looks like most of the WP5 release schedule is still TBD so maybe I’ll try gutenberg in plugin form and see how stable it is at this point. Thanks again.

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