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    I am setting up a CMS type site with technical articles for people wanting to learn to repair motorcycles. I have images that associate with all my WP pages and I would like to keep them organized. Right now I have all the images broken down according to the page they correspond to, so if I have a technical article on brakes called “brake bleeding” then my folder structure is like this:

    tech > brakes > brake_bleeding

    and the images are in the “brake_bleeding” folder.

    I loaded all my images into my nextgen “gallery” directory, so my folder structure is now like this:

    gallery > articles > tech > brakes > brake_bleeding

    When I go into the admin panel for NextGen and tell it to “scan folder for new images” it reports back that my folder “contains no pictures”. I am assuming that this issue is caused by my subfolders because I have other galleries working perfectly from the root folder.

    So my question is – is there some way that I can use my subfolder structure as it is, or do I need to just put all my images in the “root” gallery folder?

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.

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  • Does anyone know how I might get an answer to this question? I scoured Google and this site for an answer, I posted my question here a couple of times, I tried emailing the plug-in author directly with a link to this thread, and I tried to see if there was another method to reach the author through his website with no luck (all his comments are RSS from this forum).

    I’m just trying to get my head around how it is best for me to organize my images in this program. I am used to using sub-folders, but it doesn’t appear this is possible. Can anyone else provide me with another direction I can try for an answer?

    Thanks for your time.

    I’ve been looking for this answer for a long time! Let me know how it goes. Would love to know!

    Have you updated the path in the gallery settings for the gallery?

    Yes, I have existing galleries that are in the root folder, this is strictly folders inside of folders I’m asking about. Just like I described above, my stuff is sorted out in great detail in an attempt to keep it organized.

    Any additional info or insight is appreciated!

    If you update the path in the gallery settings of each gallery to the right path, it doesn’t matter how deep you go. There must be something I’m not understanding. I have my folders match the hierarchy of my albums/sub-albums.

    OK, I follow what you’re saying and that makes sense. I think I was having a “forest from the trees” moment, because what you’re saying makes total sense… What I was hoping to do was have one gallery, to explain I’ll use the hierarchy from above:

    gallery > articles > tech > brakes > brake_bleeding

    And I was hoping that I could just point the gallery to “articles” and have it pick up every sub folder from there down. It looks like what I need to do is make a separate gallery for each and every folder and then put them all in one “album” named “articles”.

    Does that sound about right?

    Thanks for helping me see what really should have been obvious, I think when I first posted this (about a week ago) I was still getting familiar with the Nextgen plug-in. Now that I know a bit more and you pointed this out I can see how to achieve what I want.

    Wouldn’t that be nice. That feature may have been submitted as a feature request already. WordPress or whoever should pick this plug-in up and throw some developers into it to make it a mature photo gallery plug-in. Anyhow, yes, it’s a manual process. Remember, even the album/sub-album concept in NGG was only recently implemented. This thing has a lot of growing up to do 🙂

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