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Can you upload Zip files of photos? Also Lazyest Stacks Compatibility (6 posts)

  1. fluttershutter
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Q1/ Can I use my FTP application to upload Zip files of a folder of images that this plugin will then be able to read like Nextgen can?

    Q2/ I've spent months uploading images using the media uploader in wordpress default and now it seems to use this plug, in I need to re-upload all my images? Is that right? I can't just import from media folder?

    Q3/ Does this Eazyesy Gallery still work with Lazyest Stacks?


  2. Marcel Brinkkemper
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #


    A1/ Not yet

    A2/ i don't quite understand your question. You don't have to re-upload your images, the WordPress media folder is not part of Eazyest Gallery, but will always be available.

    A3/ No, but I am going to make a similar plugin for Eazyest Gallery.

  3. fluttershutter
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Macbrink and thanks for the swift answer! Most of the time I write these things and no one ever answers.

    I've tried NextGen, finally figuring it out and it is much too old fashioned and boring for my needs. I need slideshows with grungy edges and suitable for my vintage themed photography site, so I'm just trying to use Eazyest Gallery now.

    I do have quite a few images to re-upload and so ZIPing files would be cool when you get round to it.

    In Q2/ I was really referring to all the work I've put in, uploading images via WordPress's Media Uploader and putting in Alt tags and keywording for SEO purposes etc but now using this plug in and the NExtgen one etc... it seems you have to upload your images again to your server, rather than hooking up to whats already in your uploads folder, in order for these plug-ins to find them. I suppose I could download all my files and re-upload as a separate folder to keep my alt tag's etc.

    Re: Q3 It was actually Lazest Stacks that led me to Eazyest gallery in the first place, as I really want some sort of animated 'throwing Polaroid's on a desk' or whatever type script, that displays on each page on my site instead of a lightbox gallery, that is either: at its most basic, like a slideshow. Or ideally: that users can interact with and move the images, like they are looking at real photographs and putting one behind the other. I've seen Ajax based themes that have smooth transition effects that are quite cool with room for video content and things, but nothing with a piles of old photographs that animate. I think alot of photographers would like something like that.

    In the mean time I have found the Camera plugin mentioned when you install Eazyest Gallery and have got that working on my test site, so that looks promising if I can figure Eazyest Gallery plugin out.

    I'll keep checking back, unless I find something else in the meantime. I really need to stop messing with website and get some business! :)

    My site is http://eyespyimagery.co.uk

  4. fluttershutter
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok still messing with this plug in and now see Eazyest Gallery can see all my folders in my wp-contents/uploads folder inc ones from wordpress uploader.

    Now I am perplexed again as I can't find any instructions on hwo to make the gallery appear on my pages? There is only a guide for lazyest gallery and something about shortcodes but I'm not a coder so need help!

    I think I've spent 3 days on this trying to find a way to have moving slideshow images on my pages instead of lightbox and so often things just don't have clear guides to follow.

    I've checked the Settings in dashboard, Tools, my page for clues on how to show the gallery. How can I do this please?

  5. Marcel Brinkkemper
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    You are looking at an early version of Eazyest Gallery. Documentation will follow soon.

    You gallery archive should be available at http://eyespyimagery.co.uk/gallery
    You can also add the shortcode [eazyest_gallery] to any post or page to hold the gallery archive. Just enter the shortcode in the post content.

  6. fluttershutter
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok thanks for that. I will try this out. Have a test version of my site I'm doing all this on at the moment. If I get this sorted I'll post back. :)

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