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  • Where’s the link to the test files?

    I have to fix a few errors I found. If you want to be notified when the files are ready to test Contact me here and I can send it by email when ready.

    The files are ready, I still need testers.
    Here it is.

    Please Test for conflicts with JetPack share module.
    Please Test for conflicts with Simple Facebook Connect Like and Share.


    This is Mike Challis the author of Fast Secure Contact Form plugin

    The problem I want to confirm if I have fixed:
    Problem 1:
    Try Submitting the Fast Secure Contact Form from the page you have the shortcode on.

    When Jetpack connects with the redirect problem appears.
    Simple Facebook Connect will have the same problem when Like and Share is enabled.

    The “form sent, redirecting” message does not appear and the page redirection is not working.
    The form may just redirect to a blank page with no message.
    Problem 2:
    When submitting the form with CAPTCHA, you may get an error:
    Could not read CAPTCHA token file

    Here is how I recommend you test a new patch for this problem:

    First try to duplicate the problem
    Make sure you are at version, if your version is lower, you should update it first.
    If I have already released version 3.1.7, no need to continue.

    Put a form #1 shortcode in a page
    add the shortcode [si-contact-form form=’1′] in a Page or Post

    Go to the page, fill out the form
    Submit the form and see if the problems happen.

    Now try the fix:
    FTP the patched files to /plugins/si-contact-form/ folder

    Download the new patched files here:
    If the zip file is gone, the test is over.

    Inside of the zip file are 3 files to upload and replace, there is also one for the admin folder.
    This is not the whole plugin, just the patched files.

    Now try the form again, the problem should be resolved.
    Please confirm if it is fixed. if you see any errors, please report them.

    How I fixed it:
    The form POST action in my plugin was being processed at the same time the page content prints from the shortcode.

    Shortcode is not supposed to handle form processing logic. The form now processes earlier on during WP init, separate from the time the page content prints from the shortcode.



    The testing was good. I just released version 3.1.7

    – major fix for compatibility with JetPack, SFC Like, and other plugins that modify “The content”.
    – fixed all “Could not read CAPTCHA token file” errors.
    – fixed redirect not working when other plugins modify “The content”.
    – fixed “Your message has been sent” message not displaying when other plugins modify “The content”.
    – fixed vCita cookie was setting even if vCita is disabled.
    – fixed some false “Invalid Input” errors on form input sanitization.
    – PHP sessions are utilized and required now.
    – removed the CAPTCHA temp folder since PHP sessions are always used now.
    – PHP session cookie now uses HTTPOnly mode for better security (PHP 5.2.0 and up)
    – added click back button and send again prevention trap, when you try to do that, it will show a blank form.
    – changed message sent redirect from javascript to meta refresh in HTML header.
    – removed the last of the CAPTCHA audio code.
    – removed the setting “Use captcha without PHP session”.
    – other bug fixes.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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