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    As a newbie, I’ve figured out you can check if a site is WP by just adding wp-admin to the name to see if you get the admin login.(Perhaps there is an easier way?) If it is a WP site, can you figure out what theme is being used by view source or any other method?

    I see some sites that I like, but I don’t know what theme they are using, and I would like to figure it out if possible so I could emulate the look.


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    That’s how I do it, look at the web page’s HTML source.

    Usually you just view the source and look for wp-content/themes/some-theme/style.css.

    Click that and you’ll see the WordPress theme header with (normally) the theme’s home page.

    It’s called Wappalyzer, a plug-in for FireFox + Chrome, it will “detect” site platform.

    This is how I find theme name:

    • (R) Click View page source
    • CTRL + F for browser find tool
    • type “theme” in find box

    Look inside the header section too. Happy New Year!

    Jan and maggew: Thanks! I’ve already installed wappalyzer and checked a few sites. I am embarrassed to report I did not recognize 2010 on one site.

    I was going to ask what to do when right click did not work on a site. But my quick root through the menus of both Firefox and Chrome revealed the developer tools, view source menu item. They both work like a charm on these sites.

    So thanks again. I am off to review the competition.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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