• I really like how this plugin works, but you are becoming annoying with your notifications and other things I don’t need in my admin panel.

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  • I agree completely! Get rid of these annoying self-promotional notifications. There is no reason why I should have to click through and hide a notification on every website I update. I’m really happy for you that you now have Farsi keyphrase recognition, but pushing that as a notification to the 99.9% of us that do not give a flying you know what is just plain obnoxious.

    Yes, please stop these useless notifications! I also have multiple websites and the notifications are really annoying.

    Hi @cjbuilt and @metasequoia,

    We understand that you find these notifications annoying and you want to be able to disable them. Our dev team is thinking about other ways to better manage these notifications as you can see in this GitHub report. For the time being, you can either hide them or disable them completely implementing the filter below.

    add_filter( 'wpseo_update_notice_content', '__return_null' );

    Posting here to add another voice to this topic. I manage dozens of websites and it takes time to dismiss these “New in Yoast SEO” notifications on every website. I want to continue to receive critical notifications about SEO problems or needing to upgrade the database, but I don’t need to see a notice about every new feature. As another poster mentioned, what if every plugin did this? We’d be dismissing notices all day.

    Other plugin developers have email newsletters that announce new features for those who want them. I think these types of informational notifications should be an opt-in feature, and only performance-critical notifications should show up in the dashboard.

    For now I’ll use the filter. Thanks to those who posted it.

    This is the only plugin that I have that has these constant irrelevant notifications with a red circle with a number in it in the vertical WordPress navigation.
    From WordPress Plugin Guidelines (https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-org/detailed-plugin-guidelines/): “Constant nags and overwhelming the admin dashboard with unnecessary alerts detract from this experience“.
    Perhaps it’s worth complaining to the WordPress team itself so they can assess whether this plugin is breeching the guidelines …

    +1 to stop these annoying, essentially advertising “notifications” !

    Please just get rid of them!

    Hi, another one asking you to please stop with that. I don’t care about Hebrew language functionalities (who does besides a small number of users?) and a slack channel (what?) and all your other 99% notifications so far.

    If you want to do propaganda, create an opt-in mechanism.

    Do it fast before I start moving to other plugin. I have both free and paid yoast versions in a number of sites.

    hi yoast team,

    im a multiple premium user and your seo plugin is awesome. but i must agree with some opinions in this posting. the “red dot” when u got news is very annoying.

    when there is a huge problem the red dot is ok, but not when you want to announce something.


    Hi @celeste-9, @ecksteing, @sadhaka, @jpptr and @volmering,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I’ve informed our developers about your interest in not receiving such update plugin notifications. While they look into your request and decide whether there’s a better way to manage these notifications, you can disable them by implementing the wpseo_update_notice_content filter (previously commented in this thread). We understand that you may want an alternative solution that didn’t involve some coding though.

    hello monbauza,

    great support and quick answer 🙂

    i know this workaround, but i look after about 160 customer websites 🙂

    Dear Monbauza,

    This is not technical, it’s an ethical issue.

    You need to provide users with the opt-in option. What you’re doing is you’re imposing ads. Isn’t there a “customer happiness” of some sort in Yoast inc. that realizes this?

    You need to distinguish what’s really important (typically security issues) of every other propaganda issues.

    This being said, from now on I give up of yoast.


    Two questions on this:

    1. The filter (for me) removed notifications from the top bar, but not from the side nav
    2. How can I disable the “Insights” notifications as well?

    Other than that: Thanks already for providing the filter. Takes away the main spamifications.

    I concur. I’m sure I’m not alone in not caring that Hungarian versions of the plugin have been released, or whatever.

    Please add a checkbox in the UI to disable this stuff.

    Great plugin, but this new “feature” is super annoying and turning my opinion about the leadership of Yoast.

    I am really agree that this notification getting more annoying. Every time I open my panel I see no other notification but other than Yoast. Here is an example below.

    Notifications (1)
    New in Yoast SEO 15.5: Writing in Hungarian? You can now easily check if you are doing a great job in terms of the readability of your text when writing in Hungarian! Read all about version 15.5 here

    +1 on this. I also have dozens of websites, so individual actions or workarounds aren’t satisfying.

    ‘Hungarian’ seems like the last straw.

    Great plugin — no need to annoy users with every small notification point.

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