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  1. Rikki Ewan
    Posted 5 years ago #

    is there a way to set up default plugin settings, i want the process of setting up a blog or website to be as easy as possible. So when someones creates a new site these settings are already in place all they have to do is start creating pages.

    EG Reading settings, wp super cache form settings, social sharing tool kit setting act so everything is ready to go ?

    or does anyone have any ideas, thanks

  2. Rikki Ewan
    Posted 5 years ago #

    thanks for the reply i would recommend l

    how to use

    log into you test site and set the options up from there put in the blogs id(this is the blogs id you want to be the default settings template.
    it lists all you plugin settings and you just tick the ones you want it to remembers. you can apply the settings to existing blogs and set it up to that new blogs copy these settings to.

    brilliant thanks Ipstenu

  3. valuser
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Take a look at wp-replicator from http://wpebooks.com/replicator/

    It does exactly what you want.

    set up a blog any you want it. plugins,widgets,categories,tags, etc etc. clone it and/or each new sign-up has the exact same configuration. You have to press one button. you change your mind. tweak the blog. clone it and/or each subsequent new sign-up has the new configuration. There is a small charge but really very good support if needed Have tried others but frankly this thing makes life way easier.

  4. Rikki Ewan
    Posted 5 years ago #

    thanks logs good but the options above do all i need and are free don't want to pay the money if it just looks good ""

  5. Replicator is great if you're the one making every site. But if you allow signup, you may not want it :) (I think, I've not used it extensively, and if Andrea comes to kick me and say 'Hey! It can do that too!' then awesome sauce!)

    Is it work the $36? Hell yes :)

  6. Each one of the plugins is slightly different. :) I will say the paid one is more than just "it look pretty". valuser is correct - it's literally one click and go.

  7. My only concern was if on an open registration site, users could pick which site to replicate from or not. :)

  8. Nope, it's a super-admin only menu.

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