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  • Gutenberg is the worst editor I’ve ever worked in. I might as well be using Netscape from the nineties or the old Adobe Go Live. I’d get better results. This was not well thought out at all. Time for me to say goodbye to WordPress. The original editor is being supported til 2020, but I’m out now. It was fun. Why not just expand on the existing? Developers think we all want change, not really, I just want consistent upgrades and new features. Gutenberg is not worth my time. If I could give 0 stars , I would.

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  • The NetScape reference makes me giggle. I’ve been designing “sites” since they were merely dial up bulletin board systems (BBS’s) back in the late 80’s. I remember when Yahoo was a gray page with only 4 goofy icons at the top along with their logo.

    To add to your “old days” references, I’d rather have a client that wants me to work with Microsoft FrontPage than use Gutenberg. Keep in mind I’d rather hand-code a site in Notepad.

    I HIGHLY recommend Disable Gutenberg!



    Yes, I agree.

    Gutenberg is too late, there are many better editors already out there. Why reinvent the wheel?

    Hi, I’m sorry to hear y’all have had poor experiences with it. What were the worst pain points for you?

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