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  • Is there a way to remove the Left sidebar (and only have stuff on the right) so that the comic image itself becomes bigger? I found that coding <– and –> hides things to see how it would look, but I can’t access the HTML on any page to mess around with the code.

    Also, I’m really confused about my Home Page – Where is it? It’s not an actual page I can edit in my ‘Pages’ section on my WordPress Toolbar.

    Another thing I want to do it figure out how to make the Text Widget do anything other than basic text. I want to make 2 difference Widgets if it’s possible; one that says Updates (that shows when I update my comic) and another that says Convention Schedule (with links to the conventions I’m going to); but links, bold, basic HTML doesn’t work within a Widget. Unless something similar to what I’m looking for is already out there?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’m new to web design and have searched many WordPress/Online Forums and can’t find something similar to what I am looking for. Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Frumph


    What theme are you using?

    I am currently using the ComicPress Theme. Going under Appearances, I have that, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen, and Twenty Twelve as my other options.

    Basically, I want it to look similar to this: (the picture taking up more space).

    Plugin Author Frumph


    appearance -> comicpress options -> layout, change it to the 2 column wide layout with sidebar on the right?

    Plugin Author Frumph


    Oh, also go to appearance -> customizr and checkbox under [options] the ‘put comic into content section’ option that’s there so that it moves from being full spread to sidebar on the right

    Ok, thanks, that worked. I also happened to have already found ‘Put Comics Into Content Section’.

    Now I’m having problems with my Logo. I uploaded a 160 x 120 logo that says “Mechanaflux”. It simply shows it in the upper left hand corner extremely small. I then upload my original 3300 x .637 image, and it looks EXACTLY the same. There must be options somewhere to make it actually stretch the entire top area that used to say “Just Another WordPress Blog’, right?

    NEVERMIND: I eventually found the Appearance – Header option and was not aware that the logo was not what I thought it was.

    However, now I’m trying to find out how to make my Tab say something other than “My great WordPress blog’.

    Plugin Author Frumph


    Settings -> General for the ‘tag line’

    Thank you. I’m nearly done, but I got help for the Menu Toolbar (#menu-wrapper?) but following advice I still couldn’t get it to work.

    Currently, my website ( has a Yellow Toolbar at the top. The Toolbar extends to the left and right, far beyond the comic below it. How do i stop that? I am using Comic Press with High Society. I see that other Templates stop it, but I want to use this one and can’t figure out where in the CSS to edit (or what to edit).

    Also, I was trying some things and Updating the #menu-wrapper area, thinking that’s what I had to edit, and the letters in the Toolbar changed from all caps to Capital letter followed by lettercase letters. I even pasted back the original code and it still stayed the same. I don’t know what happened.

    Plugin Author Frumph


    The yellow toolbar is part of the image that is displayed for the high society theme; you can edit that image to look however you want; or replace it with your own with CSS

    Shawn Padraic Murphy


    I have tried to look everywhere for help online, and randomly changed code, but to no success; nothing ever changes the website.

    I assume I edit the #menubar-wrapper somehow to get the Yellow Toolbar to stop extending to the far left and right, and I can’t even find out what coding to use to stop it.

    Plugin Author Frumph

    (@frumph)’s not coding.. it’s an image; found in the images/ directory of the theme

    Hi Frumph,

    Was reading your post earlier on how to remove the left and right bar from the ComicPress theme so that the central image can be larger.

    You mentioned following these instructions:

    go to appearance -> customize and checkbox under [options] the ‘put comic into content section’ option that’s there so that it moves from being full spread to sidebar on the right.

    I’ve tried to do this and there is no ‘Options’ menu, only ‘Layout Options’. This doesn’t have a check box underneath for ‘put comic into content section’ underneath though.

    Could you offer any help? Total wordpress neophyte here.


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