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  • aar0n


    Can I strip the Style Sheet from the child page of all content and leave the theme intact?

    From what I have read, this isn’t that difficult except that I want the child page ( to be searchable from the parent ( and include the same graphical layout(theme)and plug-ins.

    I believe this would be keeping it “inside the loop”

    My intention is to create a child page identical to the parent but allow subject specific content only (including sidebar content)

    I also was wondering how this applies to a static page, or if that is where I need to go with this problem. Thanks guys

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  • jcdesign


    I think you could do it by creating a different template to apply. Then you could include a different header template, which doesn’t have the same stylesheet…

    Not sure if that helps, but think that’s where you need to go.

    If you’re trying to have it apply to a certain category…? Mmm, dunno.

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