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  • Hello,

    I take pictures of my band while on the road and then I present them on the website/blog to the fans in a “storyteller fashion”. For instance you can see an example here…

    1) Does it look crappy? Can someone suggest a better way to present my “storyteller style”?
    2) I have been using the “ImageManager” plug-in by Soderlind, but it doesnt support uploading multiple images. I would like to be able to upload up to 40pix per blog entry (show)…so something that could allow uploading 40pix @ once with thumbnail generation would be great. Then AFTER the files have uploaded successfully, I can drag and drop the thumbnails into place. (btw, I like uploading with FTP because it automatically retries when a timeout occurs, which happens all the time with a cellular data card while driving down the road.)
    3) Should I consider a “gallery” plug-in? I dont want just simple galleries full of pix, I want the stories that go with the pix. The stories are just as important. I like being able to drag n drop thumbnails into the text stories that I am telling.

    Any suggestions would be helpful..

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  • Frenchy,

    I read on your blog that you were using filezilla to upload your pics and it seems to be working for you. So, is the only problem you are having now the creation of thumbnails?

    Once you upload the photo, if you click on a photo and then click on “Not linked” until it changes to “Linked to photo”, then click on “Send to editor”, it should send you thumbnail to the editor automatically linked to the full sized photo.

    Is your install not working that way or are you wanting something different?


    Yes, exactly. I am using Filezilla to upload the pix because when I was in the bus and I uploaded 38 pix at once from on the road, it would automatically keep retrying until success. Doing the same 38pix one-at-a-time with the built-in WordPress image uploader would have taken me 10+ hours due to the constant time-outs of the crappy Cellular internet connection while driving between cities.

    Now I need auto-thumbnails and drag n drop placement in the post while I tell my stories. I am not really an HTML guy (nor any other programming except Fortran once upon a time) and I wanna make things streamlined and fast. Some type of plug-in should do me nicely if I find the right one. BTW, I just upgraded to WP2.1 today.

    I am trying to follow your suggestion above. You say, “Once you upload the photo, if you click on a photo <snip>”… the problem is that there is no thumbnail to click on because I didnt upload the pix via the standard WordPress Upload interface. This standard WordPress upload interface that I speak of is located right underneath the text window where you enter the post&code. It has two tabs. They are called “Upload” and “Browse All”. In the upload tab it waits for you to upload images one-at-a-time. This is not for me anymore. I upload them with FTP instead (38 at a time). In the “Browse All” tab it shows me the thumbnails of everything that I had originally uploaded using this WordPress standard upload interface. They are all old pix… none of the new ones are there because WordPress doesnt know where the new ones are and there are no thumbnails available to show me.

    I have also been using the soderlind “Image Manager” plug-in, but again for that plug-in the thumnail is automatically created during the one-at-a-time upload stage. I need a plug-in where I can point to the directory on the server where all 38 files are sitting…. and have it automatically generate the thumbnails…then let me do the “send to editor” that you say above. Am I missing something here?

    I use Irfanview which is an awesome free image viewer that I use to resize and crop/prep my images. It can generate thumnails for me (I think), but I would hope that an appropriate WP plug-in would take on that job for me as I perform the drag n drop.

    I did find a great site that keeps you up-to-date on WP plug-ins, but nothing has popped up that seems right for me…

    Lastly, the official WordPress Image Plug-in list is hopelessly out of date with several potential solutions being poorly updated…let alone being WP2.1 compatible.

    thanks for your input…!

    There is a plugin that will allow you to upload a zipped archive of files using the default uploader (which means you get thumbnails, etc.).

    I also find the flexible-upload plugin quite useful for re-sizing my thumbs and originals on upload, and for integrating with lightbox:

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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