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  • I need a simplified version of the “create menu” admin screen on the wordpress page creator.

    I am working REALLY darn hard at forcing WP into a content management system per my client’s request. The problem seems that they dont just want it to be CONTENT they want to manage.. they are looking for a little more flexibility.

    That being said, I have done a good job at making every area of the site I built editable. If you look here:

    The page template is this:
    The tabs are built from a wordpress menu in the WP menu admin screen. The content inside of the white box is the wp_content. The client can create new tabs and then goes to edit the page and inserts the content for each tab in the big edit block.

    What I would LIKE to do is make it so that they can create a menu right inside there and it will go right where the other menus are. It would be freakin AMAZING if it could apply a new menu ID everytime a new page is made with that template.. but I think that’s asking much.

    Currently if the client decides to make an entirely new page with that page template I still need to go in and register the new editable menu area. Another thing I don’t love.

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