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  • Hello,
    First I would like to say thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out my site and tell me what you think. I wanted to go with a very clean look. I am using Thesis and I have done minimal changes to the site besides some custom coding. I want to know what you think when you visit bot my main page and my blog.

    Main Page: Florida Hypnosis
    Blog: The Hypnosis Blog

    I really appreciate your time and your feedback. Thanks in advance,

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  • Yes thanks for sharing your links. The site is very simple in looks but has a lot of information. the best thing that i liked is the easy readable design and theme. I am a beginner so can’t tell much but i liked the design very much. I didn’t know simple designs can be so useful for the users and readers.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck.

    The text lines are too long for me (about 20 words long).

    It would be nice with more pictures.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. It is greatly appreciated.

    Looks nice,

    Looks like there is an unnecessary space before “My,” the first word of the first paragraph.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more space between the first heading and subheading:
    Florida Hypnosis – Hypnosis NLP More
    Welcome to Your In-Trance to Success

    The “Florida Hypnosis Your In-Trance To Success” heading doesn’t clear the picture above it and thus aligns almost to the center. It would be nice to clear that picture and see it left align with the rest.

    Overall, looks good though.

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I did not notice that before

    Most of your categories start with upper-case letters but a few on the right start with lower-case letters.

    Maybe you should change the link down the bottom from WordPress Admin to Admin.


    looks good, but you need to design websiyte and blog

    Thanks for pointing that out.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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