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  • As long as I’ve been doing WordPress themes, I never thought about this. I know you can make a template file for an error 404 page (404.php), and prettify it in your WordPress theme – but can you do it for 500? 503? 400? 401?

    Someone just asked me this and I’ve never thought about it. Is it possible? Or does the 404.php file cover all of them? (or do you have to just use your server to add these other ones, and can’t do it through WordPress?)

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    Good question! I’ve never tried setting up any other error templates but, as far as I know, WP only handles 404s. What you might be able to do is create the other error pages through WP and then use .htaccess to point to these Pages.

    I’m thinking you could – like do the “server template” thing and use the wp-blog-header.php file to pull in everything, but I was just curious if you *could* do the others. Maybe query string or something? I dunno. The Page is a good thought, too.

    I think I found something new to play around with XD

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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