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  • First of all, I have to say that this is a wonderful replacement to my previous one (which was also great) called List Yo Files.

    Like List Yo Files, m1.downloadslist – allows users to easily display lists of files AND FOLDERS in their pages and posts. m1.downloadslist does it more elegantly and with more options than List Yo Files.

    But the one thing that I felt List Yo Files did better was that it would generate a list of folders and subfolders which if you hovered over (or looked in the URL address box in the browser) would display the actual path to each folder making it linkable in other people’s websites or emails.

    Now for FILES, m1downloadslist show the exact path to a file if you hover over it. GREAT! But if you hover over a SUBFOLDER, by comparison it displays an awfully complicated long path that is quite frustrating as it is unusable in emails and text documents (e.g. if an author wants to highlight a web folder to his or her reading audience the path displayed would look ugly in the document).

    Is anyone able to improve on this? Or perhaps there is a setting that I have missed which says “show the actual downloadable path for subfolders” rather than the complex one m1downloadslist generates.

    In case you don’t understand what I mean…
    In List Yo Files, if I hovered over a folder called “hello-world” and say that I want to put a link to in an email, it would show something like this…

    In contrast, m1downloadslist shows something like this”

    Is there a way to get rid of the garbage text that follows the final forward slash?

    Thanks for any help. Again, I want to say that this is an amazing product. I just want to help make it even better.

    R from Leeds, UK
    PS Again, I don’t want to belittle the authors amazing creation – it is totally the best file and folder listing program for Word Press I have come across and by far, the easiest to use

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  • thank you in advance for any advice offered…
    and thank you xxx

    Plugin Author


    There are 2 types of links:
    1. link to a subfolder (with “garbage text”)
    2. link to a file (clear path)

    I am sorry, but the “garbage text” is a parameter (including folder name). There is no way to use cleartext-names at the moment, because everything displayed on 1 page, not on subpages.
    You can copy the link like any other links and post it in your Mails, it should work.

    Hope, this helps to understand.


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