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  • Once the plug-in is installed, then it’s an absolute breeze to use, but getting it initially set up to an absolute bloomin’ nightmare.

    [How to obtain AWS Access Key and Secret Key?]

    Guys, I’ve no flippin idea how I managed to get my AWS access key, that then led to the AWS secret key: because your detailed instructions, don’t actually match the very messy and confusing AWS dashboard.
    (It’s all geared up to service mega companies.)
    Poking and plodding I eventually got it, but I’ve still no idea how.

    [the Review.]
    Anyone who wants to enable TXT 2 SPEECH on their WordPress web-site: then this really is the absolute bees-knees to use, and Yes! – It’s gonna’ cost you ($4 dollars per 1 million characters.) But not for the first year, because for the first year after you’ve got your Amazon AWS account — it’s technically free!
    (Subject to fair use, 5 million characters a month.)

    Plus: you also get some off-line storage for your MP3 files, and some other stuff that frankly I’m at a loss to explain.
    (Corporate stuff again.)

    The voices available really are something else! – IVONA voices, .. wonderfully natural sounding, but what I find as amazing; is that they aren’t even the expensive offerings, offerings that do in fact cost a lot more.

    This plug-in really is neat: I’ve got HTML5 Audio players on every Page and every Blog offering: all done automatically — and you can switch them (off) at any time.

    I’m not live, but working on a local server to write and test out a new theme: and the thing even works in this insecure environment.

    I simply cannot recommend this plug-in enough, but I simply cannot recommend the process of trawling through the Amazon S3 servers.

    Hope it helps, .. Jessica.

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  • I totally agree with you and my voice to text works great any idea on how to get the pod cast running?

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    Podcast? – No idea, .. what’s wrong with yours?

    The set up at this end seems fine, but that said: I’m not keen on iTunes to do anything right.

    Hi guys,

    I want to share my user experience. I had several failed attempts with itunes too.

    Apple is a bit tricky. ıf you do not comply with their podcast artwork standards, your show is rejected.

    Another reason is the podcast host. Apple currently does not ssupport direct feeds from Amazon. You will need a hosting provider.



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    Hi Umit Ozaydin (@umitdragoman),

    If this system did a (thumbs up) – then you’d get one.

    Many thanks, ..

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