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  • This is just a heads up on what’s happening at this end.
    Note: working locally with the Laragon server and creating a new WordPress theme.
    2nd Note: really horrid to set it all up, and it all works well, BUT!

    Working locally as I am, then your subject to your Internet suppliers erratic connection speeds, speeds that can be Zero! – Thus failing on a windows 10 machine.


    1.) If the Internet fails (for whatever reason), then the Plug-in needs to be reactivated on the settings page:-

    Text To Speech – Amazon Polly
    Amazon Polly configuration
    Source language: [ English ]
    Enable text-to-speech support: [ ] <– this becomes unchecked, rechecking it again and it’s all working as it was.

    2.) Since the last update, version 4.0 [Oct 30th]: then this is being reported under the Bulk Update tag:-

    Additional configuration
    Bulk update all posts:
    Warning: First parameter must either be an object or the name of an existing class in C:\laragon\www\writeOn\wp-content\plugins\insert-pages\insert-pages.php on line 187
    Bulk Update
    Functionality disabled in this plugin version.

    I think that it means that the plug-in “Insert Pages” is interfering with your own AWS Plug-in. I don’t use this aspect of the voices plug-in, and the error doesn’t seem to prevent your voice scripts from reading text on the test website: which is all that I’m actually after. (So all’s well.)

    These observations have been placed here for your information only.

    Hope it helps – Jessica.

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