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  • This plugin is great!

    I’d like to see this functionality as well. Maybe a short code for full bio url or maybe just the slug so we can do something like:

    <a href="[staff-name-slug]" title="[staff-name]"><img class="staff-member-photo" src="[staff-photo-url]" alt="[staff-name]"></a>
    <a href="[staff-name-slug]" title="[staff-name]">Read More</a>

    Thats right, something like that would be great. I could hard-code the url for the href on the image but i rather not do that or every staff member that is added would have to be manually adjusted.

    Here is my current work in progress implemntation without the href on images.

    Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    Hey guys! Glad you like my plugin! It’s awesome to see how it’s being used.

    That being said, the ability to view a single staff member will probably make it into the next version of the plugin. I just haven’t written it yet.

    But it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. If you give me a couple weeks I think I can have a working version of this.

    Again, thanks for using Simple Staff List!

    Would you create shortcodes for the staffs name slug?

    Do you have a shortcode already for the excerpt?

    Thanks for your fast response times!

    Awesome, great work Brett! Looking forward to your update.

    Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    @heystuart The latest update adds the [staff-name-slug]

    @brett – sounds good man, let me grab the latest update and give it a try!

    Can you give me an example of how you are using this? I got the newest version but must be doing something wrong. It doesn’t seem to be re-writing the name-slug value.

    Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    You should just be able to use the [staff-name-slug] template tag to pull in that value.

    Here’s how I’m using it on my test site:

    	<div rel="show-staff" class="[staff-name-slug]"><img class="staff-member-photo" src="[staff-photo-url]" alt="[staff-name] : [staff-position]"><br />
                    <span class="vis-staff-name">[staff-name]</span>
    	<div class="staff-member-info-wrap" id="[staff-name-slug]">

    heystuart asked: “Do you have a shortcode already for the excerpt?”

    I’d like to request that too. I’ve put in manual excerpts and would love to just drop a shortcode for the excerpt into the template. It would be awesome if a formatted version also included the “Read more…” functionality that went to their full staff page.

    Great work Brett, thank you for the update! Looking forward to testing it out.

    Very much looking forward to this… It’s a blocker for my deployment.

    Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    Hey alex,
    You should be able to generate a link to the single staff page using:
    <a href="[staff-name-slug]">[staff-name]</a> inside the Staff Loop template.

    Thank you!

    Hi Every One,
    I just put the code
    <a href="[staff-name-slug]">[staff-name]</a>

    But page doesn’t found. should i create page for each member? anyone can help me

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