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  • Say if I am using commentmeta to assign 3 ‘types’ to comments for each post. The types assigned being:
    – Comments
    – Questions
    – Reviews

    Is it possible to list comments by these 3 types and group them together?

    So when the post is being viewed, all ‘type: comments’ are filed under “Comments” and the other types under their own respective heading?

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  • Did you ever come up with a solution to this? I’m very curious about this ability too.

    Me too, though slightly different. I have a certain type of custom post that is very long, and has a lot of small images I’d like to be able to group comments by each anchor name. to get an idea of what I mean visit this page:

    Now imagine each one of those small images has a comment link and it’s own tally of comments for that image. Ultimately, all the comments would still display inline at the bottom of the post, with a little inline popup link next to each auction that contains the comments relevant to that auction.

    Thins seems more like a case of needing Custom Comment Fields instead of Comment Meta. Each one of these posts typically has 50 or so numerically labeled auctions. Having 50-60 meta types seems like overkill.

    Like so: (These links work)

    I had an irrational hope that someone already had a plugin for this, but I realize I’ll probably have to try and figure it out on my own. If anyone has any guidance or theory they want to share it would be appreciated, I’m not an advanced php coder.

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