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    I am Putting plans together to build a site that is a searchable directory of artists, photographers, stylists, and other print media based talent. I would like the search and output after the search to work much like Except this is wont be a job search site it will be a database for producers and agencies. Is there any theme that you guys know of that is one column with a huge search box at the top? Would WordPress be a decent CMS to operate this type of site? I am thinking I will have to tweak an existing theme. Are there any plugins that you guys know of that would make this task easier? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    Might start looking there.

    Thanks Otto. I have looked through the theme directory pretty extensively and havent found any themes that would work for what i want. If anyone knows of anything similar to what I initially described, or has advice or a documentation reference on how to insert a large search box and create output close to what I had reffered to in my first post, let me know:)

    As Otto said, just find a theme you like. It won’t be *exactly* what you want. The size of that (huge, I might add) is simply a size setting in either the HTML or CSS code. Not a big deal to change. Just find a theme that you like and is relatively close to what you want, and make your own edits to it.

    As for WordPress for this kind of thing, sure. You can have different categories for city, company and job type. Then they can be sorted by any of those fields.

    Sweet. How could I make it so that people could search only within certain categories by checking a box? Is there a plugin for this or would I have to do that manually? Thanks so much for the advice!

    I would imagine that would take a bit of custom coding. I’ve never tried that before. I’m sure there’s a plugin out there that would do a more “advanced serach” method – you could google for that and you might find something.

    Personally, when I saw the site, I figured you could just list your stuff in the sidebar, and have them arranged differently. For example, if you had 1. City, 2. State, 3. job type and 4. company as different categories, when you put in an entry, you’d be sure to check the appropriate categories (of course, your category list would eventually get *really* long!) Then, in your sidebar, you could just list the categories multiple times:

    <?php wp_list_categories('include=1'); ?>

    That would list all the items in the “City” category. See what I mean?

    But yeah, eventually that method would get way out of control, so if you could fins a plugin for “advanced searching” then it would probably be your best bet.

    I can’t thank you all enough for the great advice:) My mind is now sprouting with one million ideas!! I found a few plugins to what doodlebee was talking about. It sounds like people have other plugins in the works to have something with even more functions. I think I can do with what’s out now though. Thanks again.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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