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  • I have a portfolio with three different portfolio types. Each one has a link in the main navigation bar that goes to a portfolio grid page set to display only that one portfolio type. Is there a way to set the grid icon that shows up in the portfolio item navigation to link to the page of a specific portfolio type, as opposed to a main page of the whole thing? Right now they all direct to the same page (controlled globally in Theme Options>Misc settings), which I can make display any portfolio type I want.

    Is there a way to set the links for those grid icons by portfolio type? Or more likely, is there a way to delete/hide this icon? The arrow navigation is helpful, so I’d rather not lose the whole thing.


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  • Theme Author Kadence Themes


    In premium you can set the grid to different pages per post but not in free. There isn’t any css just to hide the grid. although I might change that so you can in the next update.

    What you would have to do is open the file: virtue/templates/content-singleportfolio.php

    remove lines 6 – 12

    all of this:

    <?php global $virtue; if( !empty($virtue['portfolio_link'])){ ?>
    					 <a href="<?php echo get_page_link($virtue["portfolio_link"]); ?>">
    				<?php } else {?>
    				<a href="../">
    				<?php } ?>
       				<i class="icon-th"></i></a>

    Kadence Themes

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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