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  1. mufllich kamil
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Night all..

    Tonight i wrote for my blog post, then when it done, i started to preview it first. And then im surprised when there's only background of my theme (no post, widget, header,footer - like a blank page but with background and admin bar). :(

    So i tried to open my homepage in new tab.. and it same. I was wondered its my parent's theme problem, because i succesfully change my theme until now and already update all of the file inside the Copyblogger theme via Cpanel.

    But i still trust them, so i kept them and wish someone can fix this, so i can use this theme, Again again and Forever..

    Thanks in advance,


    and this for the theme preview :

    Genesis parent theme

    My Copyblogger theme

  2. Only someone who is logged in could see those links you've posted, they don't work for the rest of us.

    That's a commercial theme framework you've purchased and we don't support those here.

    But as support is part of what you've paid for when you purchased that theme you should excercise that option and post to their forums.


  3. mufllich kamil
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Really ? So, i cant get helped here, right ?

  4. Generically speaking, you can sort out many issues with CSS using a tool like Firebug. If CSS modifications of the child theme can help then that may be a solution.

    Really ? So, i cant get helped here, right ?

    There is nothing preventing anyone from helping anyone here, and we're all encouraged to assist other volunteers such as yourself.

    But, that's a commercial theme you have and we do not have access to that here.

    It's part of the theme vendors business to provide support and we do not want to undercut their model at all. We want GPL'ed theme vendors to be successful!

    I'm not a customer of that vendor (I use a different commercial theme myself), but I have good reason to believe that their support forum for that theme is top notch.

    As you've purchased that theme you really should take advantage of their support. It was part of the fee you paid.

  5. We'd be more than happy to help at http://www.studiopress.com/support/ :)

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