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  • Hi there,
    I run two free medical websites – one for doctors and one for nurse practitioners. Obviously the knowledge and skills of both professions are different but there is quite a bit of commonality. So, on the website for doctors, I have tonnes of online resources (doc, ppt, pdf file) in folders and subfolders. I would like to display SOME of these in the nurses website. Is it posible to do this. I do not wish to create duplicate databases and therefore have the nightmare of maintaining duplicate files across more than one website. If this is possible, then I can update just the one file on the main website which will then come through on the other websites.

    Apologies if my explanation is poor.

    Many thanks
    Dr Ram
    PS I’m already using m1.downloads on my doctors’ site:

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    From the documentation:

    This plugin easily displays the folders and files from a selected directory. It can be placed by shortcode with the parameters path and target in any post. Uploads must be done by a separate ftp program. No managing options.

    m1.DownloadList has no managing functions. Please try to manage your folders in your filesystem. You can create hardlinks on your server to make a new structure based on given files. In doubt, ask your provider.

    Many thanks for replying. I think I may not have communicated my exact issue very well. please let me try again.

    I have two websites. WebsiteA and WebsiteB. WebsiteA has loads of files and folders that I manage via FTP. I have already installed m1.downloads. The listing of folders, subfolders and files works beautifully.

    However, I would like to display some of WebsiteA’s folder content lists on my other website WebsiteB – even though they are located at Website A. I do not wish to use hard links to individual files as this is a nightmare – too many files. Can I use m1.downloads in someway on WebsiteB BUT referencing it to the paths on WebsiteA?

    Is that clear or have I made it more confusing?

    Dr Mehay

    Plugin Author


    It depends on your Webserver/PHP-config (open_basedir). Most of it do not allow access from other hosts, it would be a security break.
    m1.Downloadlist can only display files from a local folder.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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