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  • @nims,

    Let’s presume you have 100 subscribers. While this setting is ‘1’ the plugin will send 100 emails with each of your subscribers email addresses in the email ‘To’ header field.

    Now, if you find that publishing is a little slow you might try changing the setting to ‘0’ which would send 1 email to the sender address (probably you) with each of the subscribers addresses being added to the ‘BCC’ header. so, this sends 99 fewer emails which is good BUT it also looks more like spam to both your own server and to your subscribers which might result in blocked emails.

    There is also a middle ground option, say you set this option to 25, 4 emails will be generated and sent back to the email sender with 25 subscribers in each emails ‘BCC’ header. This might look less like spam and have a higher success rate while still being a little faster.

    The option is there because web server configuration is very host specific and this option gives the flexibility for the plugin to be adjusted to work best on each individual site.

    Very well explained. Thanks.
    Just one more thing … you said the mails will be sent as Bcc. So what will be there in To address ?


    As I’ve said above the To address will be the same as the sender address as defined in the plugin (so probably you).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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