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Can you copy pages?

  • I want to create a copy of an existing page, then edit it, and then publish it later.

    Is there any easy way to do this?

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  • More accurately, I want my client to be able to prepare new versions of some pages on a monthly basis.

    I want him to be able to do this without affecting the current version.

    And naturally, I want this to be as easy for him as possible.

    Do mean a wordpress page if so you can do that within admin in the editor.

    Yes, WP 3.0.1

    Is there a facility to copy a page there?

    in the editor just highlight the content and right click and copy and than paste it where ever you want.

    Do you mean simply cutting and pasting the content of a page?

    Do you mean simply cutting and pasting the content of a page?


    I tried this. Gets a bit messy. Firefox doesn’t let you copy and paste so you need to copy the html which I don’t want the website owner to touch.

    Then once you’ve copied and pasted, you need to assign the menu to the new page, and presumably trash the old page.

    In something like Dreamweaver you just copy the page locally, edit it, then upload it to the server when you are ready.

    If you know a simpler way then……

    You can still can copy firefox instead on right click on your mouse after you highlight the content press Ctrl+c that will copy the text than go in your notepad or any editor you use in computer and paste.

    The reason you can do like dream weaver is because in a CMS script all your data is saved in database where as in dream weaver is saved as a file.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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