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  • Will Stocks


    Hi @amazonlinkbuilder

    Please can you confirm the current/future status of this plugin? Is it now officially abandonware (some of us have been waiting over 3 months for support), or are there big changes going on behind the scenes so support has been limited?

    A lot of us need to know either way, to work out a way forwards. Associates Support has no idea around the plugin, their recommended forums also receive little to no responses and we’re not getting anything here or via social media at the moment either 🙁



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  • I completely agree. My plugin worked intermittently since December. There is some kind of bug that overloads the API so it blocks my domain, but my API Keys work just fine from other domain. And no one answers.

    I am already wanting to change to other plugin. I must wait till my domain gets unblocked again (it is very random, one or two days ago it worked) and try again.

    I gave up and am redoing all of my links from the API which doesn’t work, I believe, because although Amazon doesn’t pay me, I do not meet their criteria – this is the 2nd time I’ve redoing the links because of that API – which I thought was pretty cool… not anymore… this is terrible support and a lack of respect for people’s time – because they can…

    you don’t put the ad code anywhere (that I know of)… you would go to your amazon logon (not the affiliate), activate site stripes, then put in a product – say weights – then click on text, image, text_ image or Custom… then take the code that’s generated and paste it into your webpage… i think that will work for you…

    I can’t paste a screenshot here, but give it a try if you can…

    Second that. @amazonlinkbuilder please confirm that the plugin has been discontinued or that updates are coming.




    What a pity there no more support/update/optimisation here … :-/

    @taisa1984 : ” I am already wanting to change to other plugin … ”
    Which one ?


    I’m going to assume they are no longer supporting this plugin. I have a found a clean and pretty easy work around by using the Amazon app site strip. At the very top of your Amazon page, above the search bar for Amazon, on the left side there is a SiteStripe loaded. You can type in what you are looking for and copy and paste the text or image and then copy that code (Text only as a link – Image link into the text tab of your WordPress post).

    This has been working well and I am slowly cleaning up all of my old codes that were done through the plugin which is a pain, but what are you going to do.



    Thanks @kathleenpope 🙂

    But how do you manage the Automatic Amazon Link Localization ?

    @magicfilou hmmm, so I’m not a tech person, just did a lot of googling to try and figure it out, so I’m not positive what Link Localization means? If you mean your Amazon Associates ID, as long as you are signed in, it should be imbedded in the code copied. If you meant something else, I’m happy to try and answer, but not sure it will help.



    That’s mean :
    Automatically converts any Amazon link to a global link that will redirect the visitor to the Amazon Website in that country. Thus, you do not lose commission on such visitors.


    Okay, then yes that works. As long as you are signed in on Amazon and are using the siteStripe code it will have your ID imbedded in the link code and you will receive commission.

    @kathleenpope that works because you only work with one country. When you try to reach more countries, you need geolocation. I have visitors both from Germany and Spain, and want that each of them goes to their particular amazon website. If I send everyone to the people from Germany won’t buy there, but go instead to look in and I don’t get any money 😀 That is why this can work, but only if you do not geolocate.

    For the others:
    To geolocate basic links, I am using “Amazon Link” plugin. It DOESN’T NEED the API to geolocate those links. So it is really nice. I have them for a “fallback” from the other plugins, so I still have links even if they don’t work.

    Now, for a more pretty geo-location products, that needs the API. I am using a paid plugin I bought last week.

    Will Stocks


    I think what @magicfilou and @taisa1984 are referring to is actually OneLink (another Amazon initiative relating to links –

    Basically, what it will TRY to do (and I emphasise TRY because I see more misses than hits!) is match a product on the international variants of Amazon, but requires some configuratrion I believe?

    That being said, SiteStripe or OneLink is by no means a replacement/answer for AALB. AALB was so much more convenient and easy to use.

    @taisa1984 I’d be interested to know if you find an alternative?



    Yep … I found 2 options :
    and (pricing is weird 2 options but no information around renew update/support)
    Msg from the author : “The core plugin only lets you use text links, the pro version adds image and other links.
    It is a one time payment but upgrades aren’t free but at a nominal cost.”

    without telling me what is the “nominal cost” …

    But both have bad reviews and few updates from plugin authors :-/ it’s incredible ^^

    Anyone use one of them ?



    Hi @willstockstech the affiliate link of amazon you mention doesn’t speak around Australia … however Australia open his affiliate program months ago …

    I guess the faq is not updated and Australia works like others countries.

    So for you the onelink solution from amazon itself doesn’t works fine ? :-/
    Pfff that suck!

    Will Stocks


    @magicfilou OneLink is only available in certain countries if I remember correctly.

    The link I posted previously lists the countries. But again, it’s still not a replacement/alternative for this plugin, which is a real shame! Makes it really difficult!

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