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  • Hey everyone, I’m really hoping you kind people of the forum can give me some advice.

    I’m about to begin a Uni project where I need to design a website. The website does not have to look professionally done or anything, but it needs to be consistent, look appealing and have a good structure to the information content.
    The method of creating this website does not matter – although we have worked a little with Dreamweaver – (which I hated). Because of this I have been looking at other options to create my site – namely Joomla or WordPress. I found Dreamweaver to be desperately finicky and problematic to get things where I wanted them.

    Anyway, I guess my main questions are:

    1. Is WordPress an intutitive and easier tool to make a website with?

    2. More importantly, this will have to be submitted on CD as an assignment, and my understanding is that being in WordPress it will be a livesite and as such more difficult for me in terms of submission. Is submitting a website on CD something I can do with WordPress? What I mean is that I can burn all of it to disc, the assessor can open it up, click through the links and see all the information??

    I would really appreciate some advice on this as at the minute I feel a bit lost with it!


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    1. You’re asking a biased audience but I’d say “yes”. 6 million users (a conservative estimate) can’t all be wrong. 🙂

    2. No – you cannot burn a WordPress site onto a CD without using some sort of site leecher software and burning a static. .html, version of the site onto your CD.

    Thanks Esmi.
    What would be a recommended software leecher to use?

    This static HTML version, lets say for arguments sake that I do that. Is there someway for the person opening this to see the website, from this burned cd, to see the site in “live” mode?



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    What would be a recommended software leecher to use?

    There isn’t a recommended one. Just see what’s available and what works for you.

    Is there someway for the person opening this to see the website, from this burned cd, to see the site in “live” mode?

    No. They’d need to navigate to the live site via their browser and a full ‘net connection.

    Just a thought – there may be one way you might be able to do it, but it’d have it’s limitations..

    You could create the website with wordpress and, once you’re happy that you’ve got it looking exactly the way you want it, use a plugin like WP Super Cache or Quick Cache that’ll generate all the pages in html format.

    It’s normally designed so that viewers are served with static pages which are faster than pages generated on the fly, but I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work?

    If you copied all the static generated files to a location on your PC, then double-check that all the generated links are relative and not absolute. You’d also need to double-check all the headers and stylesheets to make sure that any images, css or javascript files are in the right place and locatable but if you’re using dreamweaver, all this is relatively easy to do with find & replace and shouldn’t take too long to do.

    As long as you’re not looking at doing this with a massive site, theoretically this could work?

    Possibly? I”ve messed around with it before just testing…. it’s an .exe that launches WP – I’d assume you can throw in all of your content, themes, etc….

    Hey guys!
    Thanks for the advice – really appreciate it.
    So Voodoo – the link you posted there is for a site that will basically do what furiousfrog outlined above your post. It will extract the html code from the website….
    Furiousfrog – thanks mate, what do you mean by links being absolute or relative?
    Bit worried about downloading wordpress and starting (which I really need to do) until I am sure that I can hand it in on disc).

    No probs,

    If you link to a website page, you’d usually code it like this <a href=""> using the domain name / page structure. This is an absolute link, meaning that wherever that link is used, either within your own website or any other website in the world, it’ll find the page.

    However, if you’re putting a website on a disk, then putting in front of the page name you want to link to, will take you to a domain, not to a website held locally. In this case, say you’re in the root of your website on page c:/mywebsite/index.html, you’d use a relative link, which tells the browser to go to an address relative to the page you’re on. So you’d only need to put this as a link: <a href="wanted_page.html">

    You’re basically telling the browser that the page is in the same location as the one you’re currently looking at. If you wanted to link to an image in an images subfolder, you’d use something like <a href="images/wanted_image.png">.

    So, you’d need to create the website in wordpress and (assuming it’s a basic few pages with some included images and css) this would be very quick and easy to do.

    Then download a plugin that pre-renders the webpages as html. In fact, this plugin :
    looks like it actually exports an html version of a wordpress site, which might be worth looking at?

    Then, follow instructions to download the html files into a folder on your PC and open the index.html file and test the links and images work. If not, fund the locations of the files and fix the links using dreamweaver or whatever you’re comfortable with. Probably easier than creating the whole site in dreamweaver, although it might be cheating a bit!

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    my web master finish for me my web i am not shur what system my web word press or different system please help me my web if is it not word press can you tell me what system

    Creating it in Dreamweaver is not within the spec. So when it gets down to brass tax…. it looks like if I go ahead and do the website in WordPress then it will be possible to “download” it and stick it on a cd.

    Thanks for the last post furious… I get what you mean…. I think 😉

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    I’d suggest installing WAMP or MAMP on a thumb drive and hosting it ‘locally’ that way.



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    Just came across this. It’s a little old but it might help:

    So Voodoo – the link you posted there is for a site that will basically do what furiousfrog outlined above your post. It will extract the html code from the website….

    Nope. It seems to wrap up a functioning wordpress install, database and all, into an .exe. You don’t have static html files, you have a functioning wordpress install that works frmo a .exe executable.

    Basically you can run WP from a thumbdrive or whatever. That’s why I was wondering if it could work from a cd …



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    Can you enter new content using InstantWP? I got the impression that it came with pre-created dummy content?

    Its a full functioning install – when I open it I have access to themes, plugins, admin side and frontend, database, all accessible by some buttons.

    It has the test unit loaded in (I think… unless I did that TO test)

    But yeah, you can add content, etc… it runs just like a normal install

    (at least the version I have downloaded… it’s probably about a year old – not sure what’s changed)

    Hey Guys….. so just got updated during the week. I will allowed to use WordPress and the assessors can mark it as a live website, however, they will require a backup copy of whatever I create in case something was to happen the live website.

    I just want to clarify what you are saying Voodoo (apologies…but I’m a novice..these questions may seem dumb) – but what you are saying is the link you posted allows you to “download” the WP website creator which you can run off a thumbdrive (and thus perhaps a CD also?) which will enable you to create whatverd you create on a disc?

    1 question – whats a .exe.?

    Anyway – seems I can use WP which is good, just a matter of how I decide to back it up! Easiest way being the best for me I think 😉

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