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  • I have various images all with different costs. Is there a way of adding prices to individual images rather than creating a list of prices for sizes.

    If not, would you consider adding this in the future updates? I’ve found no other all in one plugins like this for wordpress, it is an amazing idea and easy to use. The perfect concept for artists/photographers wanting to tell their work. However it is still very limited due to the way pricing is done. Also allowing individual pricing on items which may be one off paintings would make this perfect, and make it a lot easier and better than people having to use the likes of damb nextgen + paypal or estore just to add individual price.

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    @ SpartanCopy,

    sorry, currently this is not an option.

    People have asked about this feature but we need to think a easy way to add individual pricing without having to add it to every single image; this can take a lot of time for the user if you are doing it for hundreds of images and this is some thing we are trying to avoid.

    I absolutely love the simplicity and ease of use this plugin has. I’m in the same boat as @spartancopy where there are several photos I have to sell in limited quantities at specific prices. So many other e-commerce plugins are far to big for the simple store I’m setting up. If adding in an ability to price an individual photo or item and set a stock level were possible it would be fantastic. An option I hope you consider for the future. Thanks!

    I did this feature, you can check following link

    Sorry about the late replay.

    I am now using ArtPal which seems to work ok. It is certainly not as good as image store. It is only the shopping cart feature and does not include a gallery but it is simple to use, allows individual pricing and can be set to remove/disable the sale of times once they are sold out (good for one off paintings). Apart from not having its own gallery, the only downside I have seen so far has been that you cannot add the shortcode directly in to the template as php. However I have request help to see if there is a workaround.

    @prasath Mani – That website looks class. How did you set the individual pricing?

    Hi SpartanCopy,
    I wrote code and customize image store plugin.



    I have a client who would be interested in this if it did individual pricing. All her artworks are pretty unique so they would need to be individually priced.

    @prasath Mani – Nice work. Will you be releasing your code customizations?

    Plugin Author Hax


    Sorry, at the moment this is not a feature, but you can modify the plugin using the Image store’s hooks.

    Really, the plugin was designed so you don’t have to spend hours adding a price to each and every single image, that is why we created price lists.

    I probably shouldn’t said this but maybe woocommerce would be a better solution.



    I was about to look at woocommerce when I found this plugin 🙂

    I don’t know enough about this kind of coding to amend the plugin unless someone supplies the code but apart from the individual pricing this is all my client needs.



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