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    All In One SEO has a place to manually put your GA code into. Does this plugin offer that?

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    We provide that feature via the Cord extension:

    It’s an optional and paid add-on, brought as bonus functionality for our current (and new 😄) subscribers.

    I am looking for an alternative to ALL IN ONE SEO, as they have been bought out by a large company

    If your plugin had a simple GA field to manually enter your code and nothing else as default, for free, I would chose to use the SEO Framework.

    As this time I’m going to look at other SEO plugins, as I don’t want to mess with addons or paid features for such a simple feature

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    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi again!

    The suppliers of the plugins on this website require financing to keep bringing you the very best. In that, I believe you’ll find limitations in all the solutions you can find. There’s a reason you wish to steer away from AIOSEO–I think it’s because the track record of the new owners has shown adversity.

    Our goal is to bring our users solutions that are limitless and polished to perfection, provided there’s at least something in it for us (i.e., food and a solid roof). Life isn’t free, although I’d love to see the day it will be.

    I understand the reasons why many users do not want to mess around with supplied plugins. Nevertheless, there may be one on here that perfectly fulfills all your requirements. Good luck!

    It’s not so much the money, it’s the overall process of having to “Activate the extension, fill in the connection keys”.

    I’ve been using WP for almost 15 years and I’ve never installed an “extension”, I don’t even know what this means. The process is confusing and a turn off.

    It also makes me concerned that this will add more bloat to my site and affect load speed.

    You guys should consider offering a “LITE” version, that super simple and only offer the ability to write Custome Title, Description and Homepage Meta, along with GA code field and ask for donations

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hello again 🙂

    I understand what you’re aiming at. I want to believe it’s true. In a perfect world, I’d wholly agree with you. WordPress has changed a lot in the past 15 years, for better or for worse. Even with all my contributions, I still haven’t had a word with Matt, so I feel there’s some disconnection showing. Maybe I’m living in a bubble… who knows?

    Unfortunately, so far, donations have failed to supply developers of even the biggest plugins (up to 5,000,000 installs) with a minimum income. So this is not an option. The author of CF7 made a report, but it has since been deleted. With 5,000,000+ installs, they managed to get around $33,000 in donations. Our userbase is 50x smaller.

    To put this into perspective, we’re far from the scale of Wikipedia, which gets ~18,000,000,000 visits every month. Their campaigns raise about $91M, and it lasts for about a month every year (source).

    If I make an estimation of what we’d get from donations, it’d be around $505,- ((100,000/18,000,000,000)*91,000,000 = $505). I can attest to that because in the last campaign I ran (with ~20k users), I raised a whopping $90 🙂 I’m grateful to the donators, but the result stands that I could only pay for my water bill.

    I considered offering a “lite” version of the plugin. But it’s not in anyone’s best interest; maintaining an SEO plugin (mind you, it must run on every single page) is more than a full-time job. I only have so much time available, and diversifying myself will cause the quality to drop everywhere.

    So, instead, I made the fastest SEO solution available. Based on our tests, the Extension Manager adds only 0.6ms (PHP7.3+memory-OPcache) of load-time with all extensions activated. Even with everything enabled, the complete TSF product family is still (on average) 2~25x faster than all other SEO solutions you can find.

    So, if you’re afraid of “bloat”, I can assure you won’t find it with my work. I think your server can spare 4 milliseconds for some SEO? 🙂

    Please keep in mind that code doesn’t spawn from thin air. It takes ruthless dedication and absurd focus to make imagination come to fruition, all while having our users’ best interest at heart. I’m not going to bellow my hardships, but the truth is that most of what I do is a charity. I voluntarily spent over 12,000 hours on the free plugin. Anything else, such as providing extensions, is to keep me alive and well so I can maintain The SEO Framework for free.

    Adding to the above discussion, I think you can use The SEO Framework + any other free plugin to insert GA code, and still come out on top performance wise.

    I suggest Analytics Cat.

    You can also insert it manually directly in your child theme. No plugin or extension needed for this.

    I appreciate your response.

    Doing a simple search for “what is a wordpress extension” doesn’t bring back many results.

    Is an “extension” a name your company uses or is this a WP term? Your website doesn’t really explain what an extension is. Is the “Extension Manager” another plugin you need to install to give the main SEO Framework plugin more features?

    Your page says: “Advanced, intelligent, and API-driven extensions”

    This sounds like for me to add a basic feature like the GA option, it will then call home via API on every page of my site?

    I feel like your site could do a better job of explaining how it all works


    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi again!

    To moderators: I’m explaining what’s already described on our plugin page. Yes, I know it sounds like a sales pitch. Please give me a pass 😘.

    You’re right, I know we should do a better job of conveying things. We use luring terms hoping to entice users installing the software, whereafter they hopefully quickly learn how it all works.

    I put much more emphasis on the software than on marketing–the latter of which is obviously lacking. In my downtime, I work on this–for example, last month, I reprogrammed our homepage. Other pages will follow when I find the opportunity, the first one to get a facelift is our pricing page. I think you’ll be happy to know I’m taking your comments with me for that 😄.

    To concisely describe all software we deliver:

    • The SEO Framework (TSF) is everything for critical WordPress SEO.
    • Extension Manager for TSF (TSFEM) packs all extensions we deliver and manages on-demand API communications with our servers. It also contains all in-house API frameworks for the extensions, like options, GUI, memory management, time–it’s why it’s agile, sleek, stable, fast… yet powerful.
    • An extension extends the functionality of The SEO Framework–it doesn’t replace or enhance it; it adds to it. It’s why we chose to use the term “extension”. When you deactivate an extension, it’s like nothing ever happened to your site.
    • API calls to our servers are on-demand only. I am well aware some code-constructs take more time than others (it’s why our plugins are the fastest). So, no: no senseless API calls are made. Only Premium and Essentials+ (note the +) extensions can make use of these. The Cord extension (that brings GA, which is Essentials) does not make API calls to our servers.
    • Our extensions come in bundles. When you get a Premium subscription, you unlock everything for 4 sites. Relatively speaking, the more extensions and sites you use, the more value for money the bundle brings.

    To close, I built Cord (which brings GA) because we needed it, and we thought it was an excellent “freebie” for our current subscribers–making their purchase with us more justified. I haven’t been as quick as I’d like to be bringing new features (thanks to WP v5.0, new competition, and trying to work fewer than 110 hours a week), so this is the least I could do. Cord also fixes the search-query attribution JIT (Just-in-Time), which is non-consistent in WordPress; it helps you spot every search query on your site via GA. It’s also open-source. And because of my unreasonable coding requirements: It just works 😊.

    I hope this clears everything up! Feel free to follow up when you have any more questions.

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