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  • With Adobe you can get certified as a photoshop expert, and through W3C you get certified as a css expert and stuff.

    So, I was wondering if you can get certified as a wordpress expert? Is there such a thing?

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  • No, there is no official certification at this time. Dunno if there are plans either. Hmm. Jane would know.

    Ah that’s bad. WordPress can actually make money with it. Cause people will obviously need to pay to write exams or something.

    Their codex is so good to learn from, they should create official exams.

    Stealing this from Andrea_r…

    Automattic maintains a list of devs on their site. Also, the new profiles at have a checkbox if you want to be listed as a consultant/freelancer, and people will be able to see how active/knowledgeable you are in the community before they decide to hire you.

    Which I think is a realy good way to go about it. especially over some nebulous certifications.

    Everyone is certified expert here. That’s the beauty of the wordpress. Not one person knows everything and those who only know a line can make a difference.

    Thanks for posting that Ipstenu

    Shirazdrum… yes I know, and I agree, since it’s open source. It would just still be nice to get officially certified.

    I’m not referring to freelance work here, but I’ve applied for full time jobs before where they required the applicant to be very good with wordpress. And it would just be great to somehow prove it with certification…

    I love wordpress soooo bad, I wish it could be my full time job. LOL 🙂

    Make a good site to show ’em 😉

    Agreed, build a nice WP portfolio!

    You can, of course, get php certified.

    As someone that probably wouldn’t pass certification (at least the first time), I’m not so sure I’d like the opportunity to show my ignorance 😉

    Thanks ncdesignz. I checked it out…. I wonder how known ExpertRating is though…
    But, it’s an option.

    Well what’s the purpose of you wanting a WP certification? If it’s to build business, then a portfolio of your work would tell the story.

    However, if it’s to get a job, simply having WordPress as a keyword should be enough to you through the filters.

    Something like expertrating wouldn’t provide much value in either case IMO.

    Hmm, wouldn’t that be nice.

    There should be certification. Employers are not able to easily decipher the actual specialists out there from people who just add and remove plugins.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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