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  • jtanunleashed


    Hi, I’ve just bought a new URL & hosting account with GoDaddy, and installed WP 2.7.1. So far, everything seems to be going fine; I’ve installed & changed themes and plugins.

    I’ve written a few test pages and posts, and they’re showing up on the front page, but their own Permalinks keep returning the 404 Not Found error. It sounds to me like its just the permissions set wrong (so WP can’t create the relevant documents), but I can’t seem to work out how to rectify the problem.

    Any suggestions please?

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  • Chris_K


    The search term you want to use here in the forums would be “godaddy permalinks”. That might help you a bit.

    In short: If you’re hosted on windows server, request move to linux. I also seem to recall there being some sort of time delay between permalinks changes being made and their actually going into effect [on GoDaddy].

    Using_Permalinks has some trouble-shooting tips as well.

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