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    Can WP Multisite be installed on a shared hosting environment or does it need virtual hosting.

    My issue – I think – is NOT having access to Apache and NOT being able to add to the domain’s virtual hosts sections this information:
    ServerAlias *
    DocumentRoot /home/yourdomain/public_html/ ServerAdmin

    My hosting company tells me there’s NO access on my shared hosting environment and I would need to upgrade to virtual hosting.

    Please let me know and much appreciated.


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  • Does it have to be subdomains? No. In the end you’ll be happier with a VPS type install if you have plans to grow bigger and bigger (your users = dozens->hunerds->towsands?)

    I use a VPS, but I use a “subdirectory” structure. Subdir install can work fine and you do not need access to config apache etc. You get urls like but not

    The cheap host may not give you enough share of the RAM or CPU. However, upgrading to a VPS later should not interrupt service. Ask that question of your host now if you want to start cheapest, and with subdirs, and add value(VPS) later as/if it grows. (I also have installs on a pretty cheat host(~$10/month), and can still add wildcard subdomains in cpanel so you might want to shop around to another host).

    Hi David,
    Thanks for your answer.

    Yes, I would like to use subdomains.

    Sorry for not including that in my original post.

    So my question should have been:

    Can a WP Multisite installation using subdomains be done on a shared hosting environment or do I need virtual hosting?

    Your answer addresses subdirectories.

    Would your answer be the same for subdomains?


    Same answer from me. But you said your host can not make the subdomains, so you will need to go VPS or switch to a new host. You can find hosts that allow subdomain wildcards “out there” on the under $10/month hosting plans. Problem is you’ll hit the ceiling on RAM or CPU before long if you grow, though.

    Thanks again David!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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