Can WP support a VERY dynamic database, with very flexible page layout? (1 post)

  1. CKxion
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    Forgive me, this question has some "how long is a piece of string" characteristics.

    I need a dynamic database which really only has one page with possibly 100 fields, I need to have dynamic counters (a circle with a number on it) for many fields.

    The page will have three main tables, each with a different layout. A lot of control over cell sizes is required to allow a lot of data to be displayed accross the page.

    Some rows should be hidden until buttons are pressed to reveal the rows.

    Each page will be dynamically generated, based on user location or user per-sets (for logged in users).

    Is their a theme and plugin that will allow so much customisation?

    If so can anyone link me to some WP sites with a lot of dynamic content?

    If WP cannot deal with this, is there another suitable framework instead of a total ground up HTML design?

    Thanks in advance CKxion

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