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  • I’m working with a web marketer and she needs to have all the blog pages on her site in the file format .html
    In other words no dynamic content on the site. Is it possible to run WP and create only static pages?
    She needs this for maximum search engine optimized pages. Very clean code and minimal scripting.

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  • Having staic pages doesn’t necissarily been better indexing on a search engine. Google and Yahoo! index my pages just fine. Works especialy well when you have SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLS (ie The only way to create html files out of WP is to open each page, and do a File/Save As…”on each one, and save the HTML generated.

    Well the women I’m working for says yes dynamic pages can we indexed but clean HTML pages index much better and deeper into the blog. She’s a credible member in her field and has been in SEO for the last 4 years. I respect her opinions it’s just difficult to find a blog package that does this.
    Also if the archives are dynamic, SE’s tend to have trouble following into other days,months or years of your blog.

    If static pages are a “must have” then WP is a waste of time. It just ain’t gonna do it.
    ps: as I said before, Google & Yahoo! have NEVER had a problem with my site. But what the fork do I know? I’m just a stupid gnome.

    I agree but she’s the paying client and doesn’t want anything dynamic.

    I know that WP is search-engine friendly, but my understanding is strictly anecdotal. Many people simply won’t believe anything until they see some facts or other direct evidence. That said, is there a way to actually demonstrate that WP is indeed search-engine friendly?
    If I understood this better myself I would put up some kind of demonstration page. This is obviously a good selling point for WordPress, but the proof is in the pudding.
    Now, where is the pudding? Would anybody care to volunteer to tackle this a task for the documentation project? Please let me know!

    Oh, I forgot…static pages will be part of future releases of WP, so perhaps future clients will have the best of both worlds.

    Moose – I think what the client wants is th site to be 100% pure static HTML. Doesn’t fit in to the static page capability in the upcomming release(s).
    Having done a Google search for “TechGnome” I *just know* that my side gets indexed quite well. I’ve never had a problem of it not finding any of my pages. This may have changed in the past week since I’ve tweaked my .htaccess and url settings to implement some changes I wanted, but it’s still valid.
    I mean, does one determine how staic or dynamic relate as far as indexability?

    I’ve got top ten keywords on google and yahoo- and my entire site is php- I say the client is whack!

    I know Blosxom has an easy-to-use static option. I believe Movable Type does too, though I’ve never used it.

    I wouldn’t press a client who has stated their desires into changing otherwise whatever appears to go wrong will be your fault. If you wish to engage her, one would need to know her reasoning. If it is because she read somewhere that search engines crap out on the query strings – WP can be set to use permalinks thus providing a static url. Maybe use as an example. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the indexing of its dynamic pages.

    I agree with most of you that WP would be perfect for my client especially using permalinks which I just learned about.
    I’m not going to look else where just yet because I believe the support and documentation of WP has already sold me to be a GREAT blog package.

    If there is no way of convincing your client, you can use MovableType (and pay for it as it appears you’re working on a commercial case) because that will easily generate static pages.
    Interestingly, MT is now moving towards also providing dynamic pages because there are many benefits in doing so. Nobody involved seems to have any doubts about better or worse indexability of those pages as long as they use search engine friendly urls.

    I think your client has the wrong idea about dynamic pages. There is no way to tell if a page is dynamically generated or not. It’s still all just HTML to the end user and search engines. So how could it possible effect how Google indexes it? Everypage on my site is .html page, but they are all generated by php and mysql. How is Google going to know this unless I fail to use SE friendly URL’s?

    I can see why a client my have aprehension about dyanimc pages. While WordPress and many blogs packages produce good quality, concise HTML and URL’s (espeically if you use SEF URL’s), this hasn’t been the case with many of the old school content management systems.
    So maybe the problem lies more in the quality of HTML produced rather than the static/dynamic aspect of it. If you can show that the HTML and URLs are just as concise as hand-coded pages, then the problem will go away.

    I have done a test with my own site based on SPAMMING the search engines with keyword content just to see how they would react. And since most tout that keyword SPAMMING of a webpage is usually against the rules of thier own algorythm and would subsequently NOT show up in search results.
    I am not a writer nor do I claim to have anything that would help you here, but I will point you to a mini article/documentation piece that I wrote to try and make sense of it all for me.
    Also, try searching Google for “sony vaio slow boot”. Wouldn’t you think that someone else’s technical spec pages would show up here first?

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