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  • Mobile Sales Rep order entry?

    I own a Wine Distribution Company in Florida. I want my Sales reps to be able to enter orders at the client site using their mobile device. They would have real time inventory and thus able to address any inventory issues up-front.

    Using an e-commerce plugin seems like it could do the trick.. can an order be placed with $ associated, but no actual payment for check-out? The rep would need to be able to access their clients and order on their behalf, but not see other reps clients. If i was a sales rep (and I am too), I’d want the order form to pre-populate with as much client data as possible.

    Is this possible with minimal customization, or do I need to dust off my 20yr old dev skills and try to learn a bunch of new stuff?

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  • Hi IRQue, you can use our Manual Ordering Plugin to allow sales reps to generate new Sales via the WP Admin, we would need to optimise the display for mobile devices though (e.g. iPhone or Android screen layout), alternatively you could generate sales via the storefront with the Manual Payment (test gateway) but that will cut out customers being able to order online as they will see that payment option too. Hope this helps!

    Manual Ordering

    Thank you. Looking at the manual ordering plugin, I see that it would be a very useful admin tool (along with edit orders), for me back in the office. My reps don’t get to touch WP-Admin. ever. grin.

    No actual on-line sales to the public. This entire process would be behind a login to a private section. There will be weekly orders from roughly the same set of customers for a mix of roughly the same products. (They may have 5 of my wines on their wine list, but may need two wine types this week and the other three next week). A test gateway for just “submitting” a completed order sounds good.

    Once a customer has been entered into the system, I would like a sales rep to enter an account number and all of the client data is pre-populated. My biggest concern is narrowing the permissions so that a rep can only see their own clients.

    You could create a new User Role called ‘Sales Reps’ and give them limited access to the WP Admin (so they don’t see everything, just what you want them to see).

    If you give each sales rep their own coupon code you can generate a sales report – either using WP e-Commerce, a free Plugin or our Store Reports Plugin – at the end of the week/period and see who ordered what via the Checkout route, otherwise our Manual Ordering Plugin supports an “Assigned to:” option to track sales by each rep.

    Have a play with the different routes mentioned above, if you get stuck or need assistance get in touch with us or one of the available consultants on the list.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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